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by Helen McCarthy

. Save My Bag - Miss Lycra Bag

It’s an old proverb that the devil is in the detail. It sounds a bit sinister, but it’s obvious to anyone who loves to punctuate their wardrobe with little bits of luxury.

One of our favourite brands here at The Foxley Docket is Kensington Bespoke, who provide more of a personal shopping experience than a straightforward online store. There’s no reason why the style of London’s most luxurious shopping row – Kensington High Street – can’t be accessible all over the country, and that’s exactly what Kensington Bespoke have made possible. They handpick unique and classic accessories and homeware, ready for those keen-eyed online shoppers who want something their neighbours don’t have on the mantel or hanging off their arm.


Bags of character



. Save My Bag - Portofino Bag

Everyone’s heard of the Birkin bag. Legendary for it’s eons-long waiting list, and the fact that Kim Kardashian has so many she actually uses one as a nappy bag, it’s an icon that most of us will never be able to access.

If you’re willing to tote something slightly less famous but just as beautiful, Kensington Bespoke stock the Save My Bag Portofino Lycra handbag in a dizzying array of colours. It’s tempting to have a bag for work and several bags for play, but this lightweight lycra material tote is so spacious and contemporary, you’ll want to take it everywhere. Made in Italy from a durable poly-fabric Lycra, Save My Bag’s range is proudly rainproof and lightweight, without remotely compromising on style.

. Save My Bag - Miss Lycra Bag

. Save My Bag - Petite Miss Lycra Bag

. Save My Bag - Petite Miss Lycra Bag

Slightly more compact is Save My Bag’s Miss Lycra handbag, available in full-size (Save My Bag’s Miss Lycra handbag) and an adorable petite size (Save My Bag’s Petite Miss Lycra handbag). Whether you go for the very sensible, coordinates-with-anything cloudy grey or head-turning fuchsia pink is up to you. Let’s be honest, fast and disposable fashion is for kids, this bag’s for grown-ups.


It’s not all about the contents of your wallet…



. Ettinger - Wallets

Anyone who’s seen the iconic 2011 romcom Crazy Stupid Love will remember the scene where Ryan Gosling berates Steve Carell for having a hideous Velcro wallet. Like Carell, it’s easy for some to justify having a less than stylish wallet because it’s a hidden accessory – it sits in their pocket and the cards inside are ultimately the most important part. Well we’re here to tell those people that they’re dead wrong.

Kensington Bespoke

’s collection of Ettinger billfold wallets, coat wallets, and card cases are made from the finest quality leather. So fine, that Ettinger liken it to soft butter (we realise it’s a strange analogy, but when you get your hands on one of these you’ll understand perfectly). The richly coloured inside is made from soft drummed cowhide, and the traditional black or tan outside is a smooth calf leather. When you buy an Ettinger wallet or card case, you’re subscribing to a homegrown, family-run, fine leather goods company too. Established in 1934 by the famously stylish Gerry Ettinger, their wallets are still handmade in London’s St Johns Street, the heart of the capital’s historical leather quarter.


If you can’t make it down to their luxurious leather showroom in Putney, or you don’t find yourself near Regent Street too often, Kensington Bespoke offer a capsule selection of their leather wallets and purses.


Blazer it up



. Trory Ireland - Tweed Blazer

So you’ve got a wallet so soft and luxurious you want to rub it against your cheek from time to time (we won’t judge, it’s a very human impulse). What about the jacket pocket you keep it in though?

Trory Ireland has taken ‘time-honoured’ Irish craftsmanship and made it versatile for the 2017 gent, crafting fine tweed blazers with a contemporary design in traditional fabrics. Available from Kensington Bespoke in blue, charcoal and country check, they’re crying out to be worn in a rural pub with a fire roaring – this is crucial autumnal dressing and August is precisely the time to get prepared.

Forget scouring department stores for a designer find, Kensington Bespoke is the home of handpicked luxury goods, and they offer a personal shopping service too. Find that gem of an accessory at kensington-bespoke.uk.

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