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Gruhme Mens fragrance.

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Robert believes that “We are brave”. Keen spirited with a strong ethic, Britain has never shied away from working hard to make things happen. However, Robert feels that “Recently we have lost some of our bond, we seem happier to criticise with negative views then encourage people.” The Gruhme founder does not see his industry as a competition – more of a collection of likeminded entrepreneurs pursuing a path they love. He describes how “Quite honestly, we welcome as much competition as possible”, believing this serves as a catalyst for both innovation and greater improvement.

Returning to the quintessentially British core of Gruhme, Robert sees no issue with foreign products, but as a British brand, naturally wants to see the Union Jack waving proudly at the forefront of the cosmetics market. This view is supported by some of the finest regulation in the industry, an aspect which feeds great confidence in British products. Robert comments, “It would be such a shame if we were famous across the world for setting the best regulatory standards and yet did not make the best products ourselves too.”

So, what’s the plan? How can British brands be pushed to the front of the cosmetics market?

Robert pauses and muses over the question for a moment, before responding, “Encourage others to support and join together to build the world-class British industry that we are so capable of if all the suppliers, retailers and producers pull together fully.”

Pulling together for the greater good.

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