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gruhme luxury fragrance. Gruhme

A core aspect of the Foxley ethos has always been to place an emphasis on real people running real businesses – faceless corporations running mass produced empires is no longer appealing.

To know exactly what you’re buying, exactly how it’s made and who it’s made by adorns the customer with a sense of familiarity and a personal relationship that you won’t find anywhere else in an anonymous market. This man-made mantra is both shared and warmly embraced by the founder of British luxury men’s fragrance brand, Gruhme, and its CEO, Robert Hallmark. Within the business, Robert strives to place an emphasis on personal relationships at every level, both within the business itself and within its customer base.

At present, Gruhme already has a large supply chain, something which Robert believes will continue to grow over time. In turn, this will undoubtedly increase the British fragrance brand’s customer base. With this in mind, the lawyer-turned-CEO still believes it is of the utmost importance that the personal connection between brand and buyer is not lost; something he believes makes buying from Gruhme an enjoyable experience.

gruhme. Gruhme

gruhme luxury fragrance.


On a day to day basis, the team behind the luxury British men’s fragrance work extraordinarily hard to deliver only the finest products to their loyal customer base. This endless work ethic is respected by their loyal customer base – every second spent perfecting the aromas and blends present within their grooming products is spent with the customer in mind, seeking to inspire with this commitment to ‘only the best.’

Customer service is something which Gruhme take incredibly seriously, priding themselves on responding to any queries in a prompt and professional manner. On the other end of the spectrum, the brand rarely question prices quoted by suppliers, they merely ask they deliver the quality and value that is expected for the price paid. To chip the price of the supplier is of no assistance – the brand want to support their suppliers, keeping their business strong and competitive and able to invest in research & development, instead of manipulating others for their own gain. This joint success between Gruhme and their suppliers is portrayed to the customer, who feel the brand offer the best value for money. This in turn keeps Gruhme sustainable as a business, and Robert adds that this puts the brand ahead of their competition.

gruhme luxury fragrance.

Gruhme Mens fragrance. Gruhme

Time and time again, Gruhme were told to increase both their prices and margins. However, neither felt right to the brand, so following a gut instinct, the brand have remained vigilant in keeping them the same. Robert Hallmark feels this ensures Gruhme keeps its ‘feel good’ factor, while contributing to livelihoods, adding, “It is not normally more money, but more fulfilment and contentment that breeds real happiness in people. We will only increase what we charge when we improve what we offer."

It’s this commitment to their craft and to supporting British business which Robert feels helps customers enjoy buying Gruhme products and supporting the business by spreading the word, in turn assisting the brand in return. When the brand reach a critical mass, they can do even more to support others.

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