Gruhme No.14 - A Review

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Gruhme Mens fragrance.

It’s been said time and time again about West Midlands fragrance company Gruhme, but founder Rob Hallmark’s dedication to quality resonates through every aspect of the brand and the way in which it presents itself.

When we were so generously gifted with a 100ml serving of latest release, Gruhme No.14, no expense was spared in delivering their product to the doorstep of Foxley House in flawless condition. Almost Russian doll in nature, Gruhme No.14 arrived within a plain white box, simply emblazoned on top with the brand’s name in large black lettering, followed by its logo and website URL on the front, inspiring a sense of mystery to those unfamiliar with the brand.

Gruhme Mens fragrance.

Upon opening the box, immaculately preserved inside was another smaller black box, simply featuring the brand’s name and logo. The brand is clearly proud of its British heritage, with ‘British Fine Fragrance’ printed on the front, a union jack on the back, quintessentially British in its very presentation before one even lifts the cap. There’s certainly elegance in the design’s simplicity, almost riding on the concept of letting the fragrance speak for itself. The ethos of ‘Smell Good. Feel Good’ presents a sense of sophistication and confidence. And this is all merely from the packaging. Working with the brand for a number of weeks, we were excited to put a smell to the name. Intrigued, we investigated further.

Returning to ‘letting the fragrance speak for itself’,  Gruhme No. 14 arrives in a mat black, short, stubby bottle with a silver cap – it makes no direct attempt to impress off the cuff or compensate for a lack of aroma – by its very nature, it radiates confidence. Gruhme No. 14 is almost a sequel to the brand’s original fragrance, which was simply entitled ‘Gruhme’, just ‘that little bit stronger’, utilizing 14% blend of fragrance, a 4% rise above its predecessor.

gruhme luxury fragrance.

As with all perfumes within the luxury industry, Gruhme No.14 ‘s ingredients flow like poetry; it describes ‘aromatic wood accord with top notes of juniper berry, organic black peppercorn, bergamot, lemon, lavender, with a heart of patchoulian and cedar on a base of oakwood, amber and musks interlaced with traces of cumin, celery seed and petitgrain.

To the untrained nose, flavours of bitter orange are prominent in the fragrance’s opening aroma, striking a citric chord from the offset. The perfume’s description cites this is ‘believed by many to calm and soothe the mind.’ There’s a warmth to Gruhme No.14, and a faint underlayer of the black peppercorn compliments the perfume’s zest rather tastefully. There’s a floral freshness from the Bergamot within the fragrance, which blooms as the perfume settles on the skin. It evokes a picturesque stroll through an orchard on a summer’s day – you can almost feel a breeze and taste the aroma - as shades of lavender softly envelope the senses.

gruhme luxury fragrance.

Moreish in its appeal, Gruhme No.14 cites ‘Wear it all day, every day’, an ideology it’s difficult to disagree with.

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