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A quintessentially British attitude in every aspect of the brand, Gruhme embody the image of the British gentleman. Dressed in a formal and stylish manner, it’s arguably one of the most recognisable images in the world, serving as a geographical marker for the United Kingdom.

We had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the brand’s national pride with founder and CEO, Robert Hallmark. When quizzed on the decision to fly the union jack in every business of their industry, Robert described how “we wanted Gruhme to do well wherever it did business.” This was not only for a personal gain, but to utilize British suppliers would allow the brand to monitor and promote modern day companies, while supporting real salaries and ethical practices. Gruhme have a deep love for the British legacy, citing “we believe in setting standards, not cheating them.

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This British backbone was something Robert wanted to incorporate into the brand from day one. This was born from a desire to support British businesses, having seen a large number of British brands wither and disappear in the past decade. In the beginning, Robert aspired to promote and showcase talent from across the United Kingdom – at this point, he emphasises, “there is still a lot out there”, beaming with national pride.

With feet firmly on the ground, Gruhme acknowledge that in their approach to business, they have to be realistic. Robert keeps an eye on what is sustainable for the brand as a small business, adding, “we cannot exist if we are not profitable.” However, Gruhme are happy with the position in which they find themselves, situated somewhere between paying more for British designed and made products, while keeping their prices competitive. Providing all goes well for the British fragrance company then their suppliers, their retailers, their team and their customers will all share the benefits.

Gruhme Mens fragrance. Gruhme - Gruhme No 14.


consider their British-only supply chain very much "a part of our DNA”, and wherever possible, strive to keep this homegrown formula. In a business sense, Robert also described how he noticed that the British connection is popular overseas, so “it makes sense to sustain it long term as we look to export.

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