Gruhme: An Aromatic Empire

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robhallmark. Gruhme founder Rob Hallmark

Just sitting and discussing Gruhme with Corporate Lawyer-turned-perfumier and founder Rob Hallmark, his desire to break into the UK fragrance industry radiates with every word. Launching the brand in 2013, it was important that the brand not only made products, but made a name for themselves by becoming an integral aspect of the UK economy. But how?


aspired to support the national supply chains rather than depress them by sourcing partners who could deliver the brand’s goals of a premium product, using only UK suppliers, remaining true to their British roots, and accepting no compromises in the search for the finest ingredients.

3 years later and Hallmark’s dream became a reality, with all the pieces falling into place that allowed him to put Gruhme’s wheels into motion, without paying a penny to anywhere outside of the United Kingdom. Constantly growing, Gruhme are keen to invite their partners into the warmth of their success and growth, pushing the boundaries of the fragrance industry. In turn, this puts across a message of absolute solidarity to customers, while supporting other British brands too.


In order to support growth in the UK, Gruhme have aligned themselves with trade organisations, including Made in Britain, a campaign which supports and promotes British manufacturing, and collaborating with both local and national press. Speaking about the brand’s growth, CEO Rob Hallmark commented, “We won't be an overnight success by taking the hard path, but it will feel all the more rewarding when we achieve our goals and give our customers a brand that spreads their hard earned money to far more people and places than the vast majority of other leading brands in our sector.

As the brand grow, Gruhme aim to use their increasing spending power to purchase more products and services directly from local and national UK suppliers, including ingredients, which come in some parts to the brand’s suppliers from across Europe, as well as sourced from the UK.

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