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gruhme luxury fragrance. Rob Hallmark, Founder and CEO of Gruhme

gruhme luxury fragrance. Gruhme

For the past few years, anxiety within the workplace has risen – in the nature of this discussion, we raised the issue with Robert Hallmark, curious as to his opinion on the influx. Robert pauses to muse over the question before responding, “Anxiety is on the rise because people believe they all have to be ‘good’ at something. Instead, we should all be just finding something we enjoy and by default, you will become good at it but meanwhile, there won’t be the same pressure attached.”

From an employer’s point of view, Robert states that he would always choose the person who has a passion to work with him, with the view that this would enable their rate of improvement to surpass everyone else.

So, what’s the secret to the perfect employee?

“The trick is to find passion, potential and ability. When you do, it’s easy to become friends with that person and have them in the team”, the lawyer-turned-perfumer cites. Most would agree these make for infectious qualities, and bring a positive and inspiring nature to the rest of the team. This is very important within a business, something which customers notice. Robert believes the future of retail is in the brand experience, adding “If you do not offer a good experience for your price point, then people will just choose a cheaper brand and save their money”, referencing the current ‘Tesco vs Aldi’ feud as a comparison.

The experience a business offers is far more accessible to today’s customer with the presence of social media. One need only visit the brand they’re shopping from’s Facebook page to get a good idea of the service you can expect. Comments on major brands nearly always focus on the service received, not the product itself. Robert adds, “Consumers are actually far more supportive about product issues than customer service. That is because service is an attitude, and a bad attitude is what upsets your customers the most.”

gruhme. Gruhme


The response is where faceless corporations fall short – treating the customer as your own is vital in the success of a business. The sense of professionalism and a strict business approach take precedence over human interaction – nobody in the senior levels of a company is prepared to take responsibility for the culture, instead favouring a cold, almost robotic approach. One can imagine it’s seen as “soft” to be encouraging. Such space between client and customer can cause problems such as failing to make pre-promised callbacks, a lack of empathy and formal complaints being ignored. Nobody ‘owns’ the relationship, therefore no progress is made – it’s left in the ether of miscommunication. However, if employees see themselves as a force which pulls together to ensure customer satisfaction, Robert believes “your brand will grow stronger and more sustainably. This makes it a better investment – winwin!”

Robert emphasises that as a brand, he wants each employee under his care to feel that they have a key role within the business, adding “Each role represents part of the whole, including our customers because they are our biggest and most important resource for selling our fragrance – they are the real brand ambassadors.”

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