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Inside a Blue Forest tree house

The name ‘Blue Forest’ originates from the Japanese region named ‘Aomori’, which translates as ‘Blue Forest’, aptly named after the seemingly ‘blue’ aesthetic of the pine forests in the distant mountainous area of Japan.

Blue Forest was established in 2003 by Managing Director Andy Payne, a successful and creative business entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry. Kenyan born, Payne has a passion for art and is the creative catalyst behind countless Blue Forest quirky tree house plans. Working alongside Payne is his brother Simon Payne, also born and raised in Kenya, who heads up the PR & Marketing Department at Blue Forest. With a passion for design, technology and the great outdoors, Simon worked in a variety of countries including Kenya and Nicaragua to name a few, working in conservation and international development, before joining his brother at Blue Forest. The Payne brothers spent their childhood surrounded by the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors, this inspired Blue Forest, with a desire to share their passion for nature with customers and clients alike.

After attaining a degree, Andy Payne set about pursuing his dream, gaining significant experience in timber framing and construction through business and voluntary experience in both Japan and the UK. A specific aspect of this experience which pointed Payne in the right direction was being involved in the design and construction of a canopy walkway and tree house for a friend who was heading up a conservation project in Kenya. These experiences, along with a desire to share the tree tops with customers all over the world, conceived the idea of Blue Forest.

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Today, Blue Forest design and craft luxury tree houses and bespoke, one of a kind sustainable buildings from their headquarters in East Sussex. Blue Forest also cater for children, designing and and building children’s dens to incredible entertaining areas and everything in between, with tree house holiday accommodation and eco-classrooms really showing off the Payne brothers’ expertise. Andy Payne may think up the vast majority of the initial design concepts, however Blue Forest utilise the talents of an ‘in house’ design team, including a pair of architects, a 3d architectural designer and an interior designer to ensure the inside of the tree house looks as glamorous as its unique, traditional exterior.

Now regarded as the world’s leading tree house consultants, Blue Forest is widely acknowledged for designing buildings which reflect the environment they find themselves in. Commercial clients Blue Forest have crafted their luxury tree houses for include Alton Towers, Center Parcs and The Eden Project to name a few, having also worked closely with the NHS. Private clients have previously included successful business men and women and royalty, with well known celebrities having taken residence in Blue Forest’s range of luxury tree top accommodation.

Blue Forest’s bespoke tailored service like no other provide an effortless solution, where the process from design to the finished product and payment is offered in a professional and reliable package, to ensure clients and customers end up with a perfect tree house, often featuring Aga ovens, hot tubs, home cinemas, secret tunnels and fairy doors to name just a few of the Payne brothers’ construction team’s talents.

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The outside comes inside

A constant symbol of imagination and creativity, Blue Forest maintained its status as a unique and popular business. Growing steadily from its establishment in 2003 designing and building tree houses for private individuals, the company won its first large commercial project in 2008. The global financial crisis that presented itself towards the end of the year presented Blue Forest with a difficult period. To resolve this, the company set about focusing on the ‘high end’ private and commercial business. Expanding their team to maximise a strategic approach, the company brought in a chairman of endless expertise, Adam Coxen, and Finance Director Mike Ruddock. Blue Forest now employ 12 time professionals, alongside a team of experienced partners, consultants, suppliers and contractors to design and craft immaculate tree houses, exactly to clients’ requests.

Believing in an inclusive approach to design, sharing knowledge and expertise, The Blue Forest maintain that the exchange of ideas is essential to the creative process. The brand pride themselves on combining the right team of experts to deliver their clients’ schemes to the best of their ability and highest possible standards, whilst pushing the boundaries of design and construction.

No stranger to success, Blue Forest is regularly recognised for its unique style of luxury tree top accommodation, winning many prestigious awards, with the Bloomberg International Hotel Awards, Builder and Engineer Awards and the LABC Building Excellence Awards under their belt to name a few.

A Fairytale Castle Interior.

A Fairytale Castle Interior

But how much do Blue Forest’s luxury tree houses cost?

Initial consultations for prospective clients in the UK carry no cost, however clients outside of the UK will incur a fee to cover travel and expenses. The cost for the tree house itself is, as described by Blue Forest, ‘entirely up to the customer’. Prices start at approximately £25,000, however, ‘the sky is the limit’. In the past, Blue Forest have had private tree house contracts costing in excess of £500,000, and commercial projects in excess of £1.5million. The brand are happy to work around the client’s budget to create the perfect tree house for them.

Understandably, the whole process takes some time. The first visit to discuss ideas for the tree house and survey the location can take up to two weeks to return with a full set of plans and an itemised quotation. Upon acceptance of this, it can often take up to 3 months depending on the time of year to begin building the customer’s dream tree house. On average, construction of the tree house can take between 8 and 15 weeks, depending on the size of the project.

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