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“Contemporary designs in kiln formed glass”

‘Geos & Constellations‘ is the latest series of work in development by Deborah Moses. Establishing her studio in 2004, she is seen as one of the leaders in kiln formed glass of today. Deborah regularly finds  herself on the innovative edge of glass, pushing the limits of what it can achieve, infusing each piece with imagination, technical challenges and patience. Speaking about her creations, Deborah Moses cites “To me, art is a synthesis of my personal feeling’s the subject or colours that inspire me and my materials and techniques. Serenity and simplicity are my primary goals”.

Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra. Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra

It can be said with conviction that this series really is far removed from past designs. It combines geometric forms, elements of astrology and surface textures, all of which have been developed into architectural pieces and 3D forms. The beautiful thing about art is that it’s entirely subjective; no two people read a piece of art in the same way. In the spirit of this, when one is introduced to a piece of art lovingly crafted by Deborah, the viewer is welcomed with open arms to interpret each piece into their own story. Text and symbols are present to influence this interpretation process, but as always, textures, sculptural forms and materials find themselves as a recurring part of Deborah’s contemporary designs.

Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra. Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra

On Thursday 21st April, Deborah brings her bespoke masterpieces to Wilmslow, launching the ‘Geos & Constellations’ collection at Bang & Olufsen, between the hours of 12pm and 9pm, with refreshments available throughout the day.

Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra. Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra

Find out more about Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra launch at:

Deborah Moses of the Silver Zebra


Bang & Olufsen

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50 Alderley Road




Call: 01625 527666



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