Fresh and Mediterranean: Acqua Dell’ Elba fragrances

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Acqua Dell’ Elba's home and personal fragrances are thoroughly Mediterranean, inspired by those clear-watered islands that have Instagram accounts dedicated to their white beaches and untouched, traditional churches. With fresh floral notes and woody undertones, Acqua Dell’ Elba’s fragrances are natural and balanced, perfect for anyone who wants to fill their nostrils with the smell of their next holiday.

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The Italian fragrance company is named after Elba, an Italian island off the coast of Tuscany, most famous for being where Napoleon was exiled in 1814. He made himself at home for 300 days, maintaining an army of 600 (just in case), and basically becoming king of his own private island. Not much of a punishment then…

napoleon on the island of elba.

Like a lot of Mediterranean islands, Elba was passed from conquering army to conquering army, including the Etruscans, Romans, and Lombards. Before the 1500s it had already been taken over and abandoned many times, serving a variety of different functions for different groups of people. The island remains though, and with one of these iconic blue bottles, you can become the king or queen of your own island.

Combining the elements

The fragrances for men and women are inspired by the freshness of Elba’s air, earth and sea. In the male eau de Parfum, air is represented with fragrant, floral, herby aspects – mandarin, lemon and rosemary. Musk and Mediterranean wood extracts demonstrate earth, and, quite bizarrely, you can smell traces of marine algae too. The feminine fragrance features the same base, earthy ingredients, with added gardenia, jasmine and marine citrus, for a fresher, lighter experience.

Often the most memorable fragrances are chosen by us because they feature one, powerful scent we consistently recognise. Acqua Dell’ Elba’s fragrances feature a combination of scents that work so well together they can be picked out as individual notes, regardless of whether they’re packaged for men or women. It’s all too common for male fragrances to be overpoweringly masculine, full of leather and spice, while feminine fragrances are allowed much more nuance. Acqua Dell’ Elba bring that variation to two basically unisex fragrances, which can be interchanged depending on whether you fancy more herbs or more florals.

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Marine harmony

If you smell like a fresh Mediterranean morning, so should your living room. The Acqua Dell’ Elba room spray combines sea salt, citrus, myrtle, cedar, and apple - just a couple of spritzes can transform the feel of a room, so one bottle satisfyingly lasts for ages. For a more gradual scent that develops over time, and becomes part of the furniture, the same fragrance is available as a room reed diffuser.

If you’re looking for flamboyance and grandeur, this isn’t the Italian fragrance collection for you. Many Italian fashion houses and cosmetics brands are famous for their intensity, offering lingering and overwhelming scents. Acqua Dell’ Elba is for the sun seeker at home, the Mediterranean cookbook coveter, and anyone who wants to transport themselves to Italy in an instant.


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