“For Now, They Quill Me With a Living Death”

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Have you ever said “it’s early days yet”? How about “the long and short of it”? Or how about describing somebody leaving as “sending them packing”?  Ever found yourself “in a pickle”?

These are all phrases commonly used in the English language today, but where did they originate? Why on the pages of Shakespeare manuscripts, of course.

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2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest playwrights to ever live; William Shakespeare, whose iconic texts are the most widely read and acknowledged words to be printed on paper, falling only short of The Bible.

In celebration of his life, the British Council recently launched an exciting worldwide series of events and activities targeting up to 2 billion people all over the world. To promote the campaign, what would be more fitting than the very way in which Shakespeare wrote his legacy, in the form of a pen?

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Working in collaboration with Bespoke British Pens, the duo proudly announces the British made ‘Shakespeare Pen.’

Speaking about the brand’s involvement in the campaign, Managing Director of The Stratford Pen Company and Bespoke British Pens, Alastair Adams, commented “I received a telephone call out of the blue asking whether we could manufacture a special pen to celebrate the anniversary of Shakespeare. Initially, all we knew was it would benefit a major charity and it had the backing of 10 Downing Street. We later learned that the charity partner of Shakespeare Lives is VSO who are helping to educate thousands of children in Africa and Asia. We designed and sent a prototype of the Shakespeare Pen to London and luckily everyone who saw it, loved it.”

Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare Pen. Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare Pen

So, let’s take a look under the hood. What’s the Shakespeare Pen made of? Alastair ventured deep into the modern day quill’s creation.

"The pen is made from hallmarked Sterling Silver with an engraved image of William Shakespeare on the end of the cap which has been taken from the title page of his First Folio, published in 1623”, he added.

Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare. Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare

The engraving around the barrel and cap is a genuine engine-turned pattern called “Silk” which is very tactile and catches the light beautifully as the pen is used. A black onyx gemstone is embedded near the top of the clip as it is believed to promote wisdom, intuitiveness and concentration – great attributes for anyone using a pen! Made in England’ is also engraved on the cap top to reflect that not only is the pen made in England, but so was the world’s greatest playwright."

It’s fair to say that modern day calligraphy has been shaped by the presence of the fountain pen; it’s really unrivalled in presentation. Involving both thought and concentration to present writings in their most pleasing form, the Shakespeare Pen aims to achieve exactly that, with its flawless balance and the way in which it sits comfortably in the writer’s hand to make writing that little bit more enjoyable.

Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare Pen. Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare Pen

Crafted with only the finest materials, the Shakespeare Fountain Pen utilizes a high quality 2 tone nib crafted from 18 carat gold, featuring an engraved Union Jack for that quintessentially British feel, available in fine, medium or broad widths, which is sure to please all writing styles.

Meanwhile, the roller ball equivalent arrives with a high quality refill, with the aim of hours of easy writing kept in mind throughout its creation. Many find writing with a roller ball more convenient, while maintaining the convenience of a ball-point. For those who like to switch between the two, the Shakespeare Pen offers the option of a Conversion Kit, allowing an effortless change from one to the other at the writer’s will.

bespokebritishpends9. Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare Pen

Ever the philanthropist, Alastair added that beautiful calligraphy is not the only good cause behind the Shakespeare pen. "VSO is the official charity partner of Shakespeare Lives and every Shakespeare Pen sold will help this charity. 15% of the revenue from global sales of the Shakespeare Pen will be given to help fund VSO. We are committed to helping this excellent charity which supports thousands of children in Africa and Asia by giving them the education they deserve. Education will ultimately give these children a future."

Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare Pen. Bespoke British Pens - Shakespeare Pen

The Shakespeare Pen in Sterling Silver, made in England by the Stratford Pen Company.

Find out more about Bespoke British Pens at:

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Get the pen: www.shakespearepen.co.uk

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