Fisherman’s Friend - A history of lozenges

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Fisherman’s Friend. Fisherman's Friend

The sinus clearing, vapour rush from a single Fisherman’s Friend lozenges is enough to clear the most blocked of noses. But there’s more to these little lozenges than meets the eye…

Fisherman’s Friend launched in 1865, under the watchful eye of Fleetwood pharmacist James Lofthouse. As the name suggests, the brand was initially conceived as a menthol and eucalyptus liquid for fishermen to take as they battled stormy seas and freezing conditions on fishing trips in the North Atlantic.

Lofthouse & Co Chemists, Fleetwood in 1986 home of Fisherman's Friend. Lofthouse & Co Chemists, Fleetwood in 1986

Fisherman’s Friend had the ability to provide instant relief from problems brought on by prolonged exposure to such savage and merciless conditions. However, because of feasibility issues surrounding drinking from a bottle on unsteady and choppy high seas, Lofthouse turned to lozenges format instead.

Tony Lofthouse with an original bottle of Fisherman's Friend produced by James Lofthouse in 1865. Tony Lofthouse with an original bottle of Fisherman's Friend produced by James Lofthouse in 1865.

Over a century and a half later, and Fisherman’s Friend is still a family run business and firm favourite, based in Fleetwood, Lancashire. The brand creates a baffling one million packets a day, that’s 5 billion lozenges a year. Appreciated all over the world, 96% of these are shipped to every corner of the globe.

Fisherman's Friend packet since 1865 to current. Fisherman's Friend packet since 1865 to current

In the 1960’s, sales reached stratospheric levels, flying off the shelves and into the hands of holidaymakers travelling to Fleetwood and Blackpool, with Fisherman’s Friend unavailable anywhere else, a northern luxury like no other. It’s understood that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was an avid fan of Fisherman’s Friend, turning to these little lozenges when her throat became strained from public speaking.

Fisherman's Friend history since 1865. Fisherman's Friend history since 1865

With this in mind, the export trade out of Lancashire to the rest of Britain began, when, at this time, just one flavour was available. Now on UK shelves, you can expect to see flavours including the ever loved Original Extra Strong, Aniseed, Cherry, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Mint, and the newest addition to the collection, Honey and Lemon. However, on foreign shores, Fisherman’s Friend are quite different, with flavours such as Spicy Mandarin in the Far East and the salty liquorice flavours of Salmiak in Scandinavia.

tin of Fisherman's Friend. Fisherman's Friend tin

To conclude, Fisherman’s Friend relies on 4 firm ideals – menthol, eucalyptus, strength, and sales. These keep the brand growing every day, and as the brand grows, as does the factory. Fleetwood’s industry increases, and friends of Fisherman’s Friend can take a deeper, cleaner, clearer and sharper breath.

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