Faust's Potions - Double, Double Toil and …Trouble?

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. Faust Potions

Potion – a noun. A magical medicine, often in liquid form. Often made by a magician, dragon, witch or fairy and often has magical properties.

Faust’s Potions was established in 2010 by founder and namesake Nina Faust. The idea presented itself after Nina spotted a gap in the market for the professional always on the go.

Attending events with free champagne, jetlag and regular sleepless nights spent hunched over a laptop inevitably take their toll on the human body. And so, Nina began pushing for an effective and potent nutritional supplement to help today’s businessmen and women survive such a hectic schedule.

Praised by authors, musicians and managers alike, Faust’s Potions are well on their way to “making hangovers a thing of the past”, and very good for “those wobbly moments”, with author Alex Wyndham Baker citing, “Dorian Gray, eat your heart out”. The brand offer two revitalising, miracle elixirs – The Awake Potion, and The Asleep Potion.

. Faust Potions

. Faust Potions

The Awake Potion is a delectable tangerine treat served in a 25ml vial, which can be drank by itself or distilled in water. An essential item in the fight against hangovers, The Awake Potion can be taken either before a big night out, or in the morning before the full force sinks in in a nauseating fashion. However, a potent mix of vitamins B, C and E, with ingredients including Green Tea and Korean Ginseng make it an unwise choice before going to sleep – it’s best taken throughout the day. There is no sugar in Faust's Potions. The brand use sweetener in the Awake potion -and the caffeine comes from the natural caffeine content of the Guarana and green tea extracts. The potions are not to keep active all day, the caffeine content is not high enough for that. It is meant to be restorative, hence the inclusion of electrolytes and NAC

In addition to this, Faust’s Potions also offer the other side of the proverbial coin – The Asleep Potion. Favouring a more succulent and sweet flavour, The Asleep Potion embodies a rich berry and honey blend, best enjoyed mixed with warm water for that perfect pre-sleep brew. Faust’s Potions stresses that no more than one dose of The Asleep Potion should be consumed in a 24-hour period.

. Faust Potions

. Faust Potions

But how does The Asleep Potion work?

A combination of electrolytes and 5 HTP sweetened with honey helps relax the mind, body, and soul, assisting in the body’s recovery while you sleep, meaning you wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go.

When bought together, The Awake Potion and The Asleep Potion are known as “The Recovery Pack”, and can be purchased in a variety of means from the brand’s website, https://www.faustspotions.com/ . Prices start at £5.50

Find out more about Faust Potions at:

Faust Potions

Visit: https://www.faustspotions.com/

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