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Written by Nina Holland

Quinteassential - White Elixir. Quinteassential - White Elixir

Based in Cheshire, Quinteassential house a range of teas exclusively designed and blended to please the tastebuds of the pickiest of tea connoisseurs. Nina Holland reviews the famed White Elixir to discover how this award winning tea aims to rejuvenate the hardiest of brew drinkers.

This delightfully British brand began its life on the tea market at farmer’s markets and local food festivals, gaining recognition through its aromatic and unique essences.

This popularity then led Quinteassential to serve some of  finest hotels and restaurants in the North West of England. No stranger to success, Quinteassential’s exquisite taste has earned the brand 7 Great Taste Awards between 2012 and 2014, also being shortlisted for the ‘Made in North West’ Business Awards in 2015.

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collaborate with some of the best in the business to bring their customers the finest teas on the market. The entrepreneur behind this elegant, brew brand is Bernadine Tay, a unique story teller who uses tea leaves as her medium, a woman who could be described as somewhat of a tasseographer (the art of reading tea leaves). With every tea tried and tested, scenes, textures and colours are brewed together to craft exquisite new and daring flavours. The White Elixir which I was privileged to sample demonstrates a floral aroma which emanates from the Jasmile blossoms, gingko leaves and spirulina algea. With full pods and stems in a loose bag, there is a definite essence that this tea is filled with spoonfulls of hearty, healthy goodness.

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Arriving loose with instructions of how you assemble your own bag, this really does make you enjoy the experience of drinking it. As for the taste, a cleansing freshness, from what I imagine is the algea is matched with a lingering bitter aftertaste which is a pleasant reminder of this ultra-natural superfood.

herbal tea, garden of eden, white elixir, jewel of africa, green flamingo, quinteassential. Quinteassential - White Elixir, Green Flamingo, Jewel of Africa and Garden of Eden

The box reads that this blend echoes the fragrance of a natural spa, and it truly does. It is fresh and sharp and as rejuvenating as it sets out to be. In the pursuit of taste expression and a desire to subvert the common idea of the English cup of tea, Tay combines the classic and the contemporary, resulting in evocative and speculative tea blends. Indeed, the White Elixir uses only the finest ingredients – her dedication and passion for tea brewing leads her all over the world for essences and flavours ranging from Egypt to Indonesia. All tea leaves, fruits, flowers and spices contained in Quinteassential tea sachets contain only the highest quality natural ingredients available – all in order to achieve Tay’s goal is to preserve their delicate flavours to create the perfect blend of edible art. From the artistic way you form your own bag, to the raw natural taste, it seems that Tay really does know how to make art in a teacup.

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