Duckydora - An Introduction

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Ducky Dora. Duckydora

When you really think about it, the way in which you decorate your home is equally as important as the way you dress yourself, isn’t it? Whether or not you consciously realise it, you’re radiating a sense of personality in every piece chosen to reflect who you are as a person, the values your family embodies and your hobbies and interests. This subliminal stylisation means it’s vital to make your home feel as good as your best dressed days. Combine this with a sense of British pride and a firmly set moral compass, and you have Duckydora.

Established in Leicestershire in 2012, Duckydora is the brainchild of sisters Judith Chambers and Sally McGowan. The seeds of the sisters’ business were planted in the midst of conversation, as Sally recalls how “Judith and I were chatting one day about how there wasn’t one place where you could go to find gorgeous, handmade products for your home that didn’t cost the earth (literally!) So, we decided to join forces to bridge the gap in the market."

duckydora11. Duckydora

Ducky Dora. Duckydora

Duckydora. Duckydora

So where did the name ‘Duckydora’ come from?

To me, it instantly conjured images of handmade wooden children’s toys; it emanates a soft, childlike warmth and affection. Surprisingly, my guess was not too far from the truth. Being born and bred in Bolton, I’m familiar with bizarre terms of endearment – upon entering a room, it was commonplace to be asked “alright, cock?” Travelling from the cobbled streets of the North West to the picturesque views present in the East Midlands, the concept remains the same, with ‘duck’ being the colloquialism of choice in the region. Both Judith and Sally reminisce of the days when their beloved granny would fondly ask them, “what’s up duckydora?” And so, Duckydora was born, with the sisters wanting “a name with a homely feel, that was personal to us, so ‘Duckydora’ was simply perfect.

The Leicestershire brand aspire to create and sell a vast range of bespoke, exclusively designed pieces to decorate the home, guaranteed to remain ‘beautiful for life’. However, this beauty stems further than the product’s aesthetic; Duckydora are proud of their British heritage and this is something they want to convey with every creation.

Sisters Judith Chambers and Sally McGowan founded Duckydora in 2012. Sisters Judith Chambers and Sally McGowan founded Duckydora in 2012

Duckydora. Duckydora

Duckydora. Duckydora

Speaking about their homegrown nature, Sally cited, “We have been tireless in locating the best possible products from the most sustainable sources. Where possible, the items we stock are made of reclaimed materials, by talented British artisans. As a result, we believe we can offer you a choice of products that will become treasured family heirlooms and not just a passing fad.

Describing the brand’s endless versatility, Judith described how “We want to bring a touch of glamour to your home with items that can also withstand the rigours of everyday life. Therefore, all the products we stock at Duckydora can be put in the microwave, dishwasher or washing machine. We also understand that our customers live in real homes that include children and pets, and so we have something for them too!”

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