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Imagine if we asked you to name a luxury coffee cup company. We bet you can’t. And nor could we, until now. DeViehl combines the expertise of coffee connoisseurs Andreas Bos and Jonathan Strauss, who have been lifelong appreciators of the impassioned pick-me-up.

In order to create ‘the perfect cup’, the two combined their skills and experience across a variety of fields, including luxury watchmaking, precision engineering and product innovation, blended with an appreciation of beauty, craftsmanship and noble materials.

Jonathan Strauss and Andreas Bos. Jonathan Strauss and Andreas Bos

Italian author, editor and senior curator in architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Paola Antonelli, once said “Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.”

Each piece produced by DeViehl pushes the boundary of the common coffee cup, advancing in both technology and design. This dedication ensures full appreciation of the finest distinctions present in both the aroma and taste from the best coffee the world has to offer.

DeViehl espresso cups come in four luxurious materials, each measuring 70ml. The wooden range uses only the most exotic varieties; these include cocobolo - a tropical, red timber often found in Central America, and zebrano, more commonly known as zebrawood for its striped appearance. These materials are sourced from sustainable platforms in tropical regions, and selected not only for their natural beauty but also for their resistance to damp and natural flexibility.

wood2. The DeViehl espresso cup in wood

Alternatively, DeViehl offer a leather coated counterpart, crafted from a handpicked selection of the finest leather skins, designed to both please the eye and to be tantalizing to the touch, warmly inviting the user into a emphatic embrace of feel and flavour, traits which have seen the leather cup prized across the world for its quality and texture.

leather2. The DeViehl espresso cup in leather

The Marble variety from DeViehl is almost a nod to the endlessly talented sculptors of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, with Strauss and Bos crafting their own Michaelangelo masterpiece with each cup. A contradiction of what would seem to be pure material, the Marble DeViehl range are rich in beauty and identity, an aesthetic defined by the mineral impurities present within their transformation process. These impurities define each cup’s colour and unique dressings, meaning no two cups are the same. Timeless and ageless, these cups truly stand the test of time.

marble2. The DeViehl espresso cup in marble

Last but by no means least, the Carbon Fibre version. Renowned for their supreme tensile strength, extreme rigidity and low thermal expansion, the Carbon Fibre cup is dressed in the natural beauty of the complex infused carbon fibres, making for a ‘technologically noble’ aesthetic.

carbonfibre2. The DeViehl espresso cup in carbon fibre

Although stunning to the eye, the true beauty behind DeViehl lies in each piece’s complete individuality. Speaking about their bespoke craft, Bos cited, “The beauty is that you put the pieces next to each other and every piece is different because the grain of the wood or the marble is different.”  Each cup also features a unique serial number carved into the base.


Cups are available from Harrods and William & Son in the UK, but the brand plan to broaden their horizons, stating “The Middle East, Russia and China are very important, as are more conventional markets in Europe and the US.”  Prices range between £330 and £550. For more information, visit

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