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Chocolatician. Chocolatician

From the candy craftsmen that brought you ‘Cumberbunny’, an Easter sensation which portrayed British actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s head on the shoulders of a chocolate bunny, complete with ears and a 22 carat gold edible bowtie built entirely of chocolate, and Chocobatch, a lifesize statue made out of 500 melted bars of luxurious Belgian chocolate, comes their latest offering, ‘The Chocolate Queen.’

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Head chocolatiere at Brighton based Chocolatician, Jen Lindsey-Clark, felt it would be fitting to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday with the creation of a 5kg chocolate sculpture of Elizabeth II, true to scale. In true Royal fashion, her beloved pets also received Belgian chocolate counterparts, produced in milk, dark and white chocolate.

Chocolatician. Chocolatician

But how does a process like this begin?

Using over 50 photo references, Tim Simpson of Plunge Productions sculpts the Royal bust out of 20kg of clay. This mould was then used by the Chocolatician to create this majestic masterpiece, as well as her corgis, which she is rarely seen without. 360 long hours of painstaking artistry later, and the final piece is ready to be unveiled, just in time for the Trooping the Colour ceremony and Her Majesty’s unofficial birthday.

Chocolatician. Chocolatician

The Chocolate Queen is available throughout the UK in both milk and white chocolate, with her diamond Diadem crown and accompanying jewellery crafted from hand piped chocolate fit for a Queen.

Chocolatician. Chocolatician

Prices of the chocolate Corgis start from £26, and are available across the UK and in parts of Europe. At a minimum of 250g, the Corgis come in white, milk and dark chocolate with details. These can be bought direct from

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