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Operating from a factory on an industrial site with over 300 years of heritage in Carlisle, Cumbria, Chapman Bags are one of the few British brands to produce products exclusively in their own British factory, which has been recently expanded and redecorated in a recent major investment programme.


The meticulous attention to detail when tailoring a bespoke fitted suit is absolutely essential for the finest fit. Chapman Bags proudly profess their belief that the same applies when creating their products. The materials utilized by the Cumbria-based brand are lovingly cut by hand in the Chapman factory and created using traditional methods.

Dyed and bonded in England, Chapman Bags spare no expenses when it comes to the brand’s core heritage bonded canvas material. Waterproof and robust, it utilizes both a natural look and feel, giving the customer the comfort and knowledge of owning a piece which has been created by the well versed hands of a master craftsman, adding a personal approach to the purchase of a Chapman Bag.


The leather components utilized by Chapman Bags require hand stitching and crafting using traditional saddlery skills, which cannot be replicated by a machine. This ‘hands on’ approach to craftsmanship produces a unique, authentic finish which cannot be recreated by mass production or machinery. These handcrafted techniques take years of experience to perfect, and produce a unique and unrivalled aesthetic to pieces mass produced by computers. It also allows for traditional patterns when the material is being cut. Without the 100% accuracy involved in computer controlled machinery, it means that no two Chapman Bags are cut exactly the same, making each bag unique in its own right.


Cast in London, England, Chapman Bags utilize a range of hardware for the buckles on their bags – these are spread across solid brass, or a silver finish if nickel plated brass is chosen, neither of which pit or rust. This means they’re suitable for any and all conditions the British weather throws at us, a perfect match for its unpredictability.

The webbing decorating Chapman Bags is 100% cotton military grade webbing, making it both stylish and durable. Staying true to the brand’s roots, the webbing is weaved in England in colours chosen to complement the brand’s bonded cotton canvas perfectly. Chapman Bags’ standard leather components are crafted using traditional clicking knives, accompanied by English vegetable tanned bovine hides.


Whether it’s the daily commute to and from work or trawling through the nooks and crannies speckled across the British countryside, the wear and tear of outdoor pursuits are bound to take their toll on an adventurer’s bag, with perilous terrain and the unpredictability of British weather being two deadly aspects opposing travellers. With this in mind, Chapman offer long term saving graces including a full repair and renewal service, should it be required. This ensures customers who have formed a personal or often sentimental bond with their bag never have to endure the heartbreak of laying their prized possession to rest. This is possible because Chapman make the bags themselves, as opposed to sourcing them from overseas.


Another advantage of shopping with Chapman Bags is their bespoke service, which the brand has offered since its inception. This personal approach to customer service is something which has always been a core aspect of Chapman Bags as a company, citing it as being “a real point of differentiation to the increasingly impersonal way in which luxury products are sourced and sold.

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