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Chamberlain & Co - Birlingham Box, Floral Collection.

Chamberlain & Co

- Birlingham Box, Floral Collection

Situated in Worcestershire, West Midlands, Chamberlain & Co have been producing beautifully sculpted fine bone china since the brand’s inception in 2015.

This month, we appreciate the majestic aesthetic of The Birlingham Box. Undeniably exquisite to look at, the Birlingham Box from Chamberlain & Co has been perfectly sculpted by the endlessly talented hands of the craftsmen and women working for the Worcestershire brand. The piece’s shapely silhouette, the immaculate-fitting lid, the intricate details and flawless paintwork would lead one to believe, and understandably so, that the Birlingham Box had been created whole, that such a perfect piece could not be assembled. However, simple as this may be, such an idea undermines the hours of loving labour, the years of experience and the decades of expertise that goes into making the Birlingham Box.

Each Birlingham Box is created using a culmination of time honoured techniques, dressed in an in-depth knowledge of the heritage behind the craft and the science of ceramics alongside modern technology. With all this expertise combined, the Birlingham Box from Chamberlain & Co finds itself as part of the brand’s exquisite new collection. The piece is inspired by the porcelain that enriched the halls of King George III. Ornate, opulent and elegant in its aesthetic, the Birlingham Box combines regency splendour with a modern-day twist to create a stunning blend of ceramic art, one could say, “fit for a king!”


Chamberlain & Co - Birlingham Box, George iii Collection.

Chamberlain & Co - Birlingham Box, George iii Collection

The Birlingham Box from Chamberlain & Co is created using eight separate pieces of clay, supported by a number of other pieces throughout the shaping and firing process. It takes over 50 hours of wonderful work to ensure every Birlingham Box is as perfect as it is stunning. Though the final product looks effortless to the eye, an endless chasm of skill and talent is required to prevent the clay from “bellying out” once sculpted – it fights the material’s natural instinct to be round rather than flat, so ensuring clay remains soldier-esque in its straight lines standing tall can often take time. Essentially, Chamberlain & Co’s skilled craftsmen and women creating the Birlingham Box are ‘defying nature.’ Naturally it comes as no surprise that so few are available, not willing to test fate.

The Birlingham Box measures 34cm by 23cm by 20cm, which make Chamberlain & Co’s creation possibly the largest ornamental ceramic box created in the UK. As the old adage goes, “perfection is a demanding taskmaster.”

Chamberlain & Co - Birlingham Box, Black Collection.

Chamberlain & Co - Birlingham Box, Black Collection.

Chamberlain & Co - Birlingham Box, Black Collection

Once the technical crafting and firing process is complete, a further 34 hours is spent painting and glazing this ceramic masterpiece, all lovingly carried out by the endlessly skilled hands of Chamberlain & Co’s highly talented craftsmen and women. A beautiful decoration of 23 carat gold is then applied and burnished, lining the glittering highlights of the Birlingham Box’s stunning designs, which adds a further layer of finery.

50 hours are spent crafting the Birlingham Box, before 26 hours are spent hand painting the piece. It’s fired 8 times to ensure absolute solidarity, embodying a notion of strength hand in hand with beauty.

The Birlingham Box from Chamberlain & Co oozes exquisite elegance, grace and a delightful charm, and every second of the work that goes into this prestigious piece is crystal clear. Simply beautiful.

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