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Chamberlain & Co. Chamberlain & Co

Chamberlain fine bone china has almost become synonymous with phrases such as “headturner” or “conversation piece”, with their handmade pieces taking precedence as the focal point of any room. Their stunning collection of animal pieces inevitably sends a shockwave of second glances throughout observers, raising the question, “is it real?”

The Worcestershire-based brand believe that their beautiful collection of sculptures are among the finest ceramic pieces found anywhere in the world. These intricate creations take an endless amount of exceptional skill and craftsmanship to produce, both grand and undeniably lifelike in stature. Second to none, the possibilities achieved by Chamberlain & Co are limitless, a fundamental trait of their delicate and demanding work.

As much as Chamberlain & Co excel across the creative category, one aspect of this fine bone china brand particularly pushes the boundaries of what is possible –  a  completely bespoke commission. Unique and one of a kind, this ensures customers will have their own exclusive piece of Chamberlain china. Working closely alongside the customer, the craftsmen and women and sculptors at Chamberlain & Co will create an original clay model, which will be used to create the final, prestigious product. This is then brought to life by being painted to the customer’s exact specifications, signed by the artist who painted it and mounted on a plinth of the customer’s choice, needless to say the customer has an input into every creative aspect of the process.

Chamberlain & Co.

Chamberlain & Co. Chamberlain & Co

One need only look at the above sculpture of a racehorse – its athleticism and power radiate from the surface of the china, encapsulating the spirit of equestrian prowess. Every muscle and line of both stallion and jockey is on show as they gallop towards the finish. One could be forgiven for diving from the path of this elegant beast!

In order to create such a unique, lifelike piece, a great deal of time, attention to detail and devotion is involved, and always a commitment to perfection. Chamberlain & Co are infamous for their ability to create breath-taking, one of a kind sculptures. Pictured above is a ceramic recreation of Zara Philips, the granddaughter of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, riding aback her steed, Toytown, on whom she won a variety of medals at equestrian events across the world. To recreate this moment perfectly, an immeasurable amount of skill and patience was required before it was unanimously agreed that Zara Philips’ essence had been captured perfectly. Only then were the parts cast and assembled, before being fired ready for glazing. The lifelike decoration is all down to the intricate abilities of Tracey Arrowsmith and Tony Young, Chamberlain & Co’s most senior painters. After many man hours and five firings, the decoration process was completed and the colours were perfect. Chamberlain’s attention to detail is key in a piece of this magnitude; it can be seen on the handmade petunias lacing the fence over which Toytown is jumping, and the noble steed’s reins and stirrups crafted from the solid silver.

It comes as no surprise that Chamberlain & Co have established a vast array of appreciators from every corner of the globe with an innate ability to perfectly portray wildlife in its majestic habitat. Here we see a perfectly poised cheetah hunting its pray, a defenceless impala, in the heat of the chase. The immeasurable fear spread across the face of the Impala is perfectly captured, with the cunning, calculated nature of the cheetah embodied to a tee. One can almost hear David Attenborough explaining the turn of events…

Chamberlain & Co.

Chamberlain & Co. Chamberlain & Co

With all this in mind, it raises the question… what would your unique sculpture be?

Why not take inspiration from these magnificent displays of realism? The skilled craftsmen and women at Chamberlain & Co are able to create any subject matter, patterns and colour scheme in the customer’s imagination, working closely with customers and interior designers alike. A chasm-depth knowledge of the possibilities available with fine bone china ensures every vision becomes a perfect reality. The customer is kept in the loop at every stage of the process from initial concept to finished article, aspiring to go above and beyond the expectation of the customer.

What better way to commemorate a momentous celebration of passion than in fine bone china, to be appreciated for years to come?

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