Birch & Brook x Esme Winter Designs: A Scholarly Scent of Sophistication

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Birch & Brook London. Birch & Brook London

Sometimes, it’s the little things that really make a house a home.

From primitive beginnings of being used to light up the darkness for centuries before Thomas Edison introduced the masses to the lightbulb, the candle has become a ‘must have’ item in every home.

Whether it’s dotted around a bathtub to create a romantic, sensual atmosphere or fragrantly burning away in the background of a Saturday afternoon, there’s no place the candle doesn’t fit in perfectly. With companies such as Yankee Candle found on the shelves of supermarkets and department stores across the country and fragrance companies such as Richard E Grant’s quintessentially British ‘Jack’ and Jo Malone turning to the candle field, there’s no denying that the candle industry is alive and thriving in the 21st century.

Birch & Brook London - Library. Birch & Brook London - Library (Photography by Shel Duffy

Birch & Brook London - Dressing Room. Birch & Brook London - Dressing Room

Birch & Brook London. Birch & Brook London

Enter Birch & Brook. Founded by Jessica Jones (sadly, not the Marvel character…), the London brand combines Jones’ rural upbringing with a stylist’s eye, stemming from her background in graphic arts and a MA in printmaking. Birch & Brook takes its inspiration from quintessentially British classic beauty, reminiscing about the glamour of the roaring twenties and thirties, aspiring to encapsulate the innocence and freedom of the era; the zeitgeist. Eco-friendly in their approach, Birch & Brook utilise 100% natural wax, created by certified vegan ingredients, free of genetically modified organisms, with a natural fibre wick. Sourced from sustainable sources, Birch & Brook candles are free from chemicals, palm, paraffin and petroleum waxes. The end result is a handmade quality natural candle, dressed in an aromatic enigma.

Birch & Brook

’s latest offering comes in the form of the Limited Edition 2016 Library Candle, a collaboration with Esme Winter Designs. Arriving in an ambrosial cube, on the rear of the packaging, a poetic verse is inscribed, reading “A time-yellowed page is turned; a clock ticks. Sunlight glances through a high window and another world calls....”, which instantly ignites a sense of mystery, emanating an alluring aroma. The collaboration is evident from the candle’s packaging, with a triad of faces dressed in a contemporary yet abstract pattern.

When one considers the name of the candle, ‘Library’, there’s certainly an aromatic nostalgia present; you can almost smell the faded, yellow pages of weathered books, preserved within the safety of the shelves. One could go as far as to detect a faint pencil-esque lead flavour, casting the mind back to schooldays, taking the customer by the hand back to the days when pencil and paper ruled the roost.

 -. Birch & Brook - Library (Photography by Shel Duffy

Birch & Brook. Birch & Brook - Secret Garden

This elementary aroma is produced through the infusion of Guaiac wood and patchouli, delving deeper into shades of cinnamon and clove buds, with a delicate and opulent base of cedar and moss. The Limited Edition 2016 Library Candle has a burn time of 40 hours, inviting a lasting sense of discovery and contemplation.

Speaking about the collaboration, Esme Winter cited “Pairing our pattern with the Birch & Brook Library Candle to create this special edition was the perfect partnership. To us, the library will always conjure up imagery of warm, atmospheric spaces, rich with print bound in pattern. The spaces that continuously inspire our work. In fact, our designs are used to cover books and boxes themselves, often becoming part of libraries of their own. The design we decided upon is ‘Frequency’, one of our most popular and distinctive patterns, now enjoying its fifth year in our collection”

The Limited Edition 2016 Library Candle in collaboration with Esme Winter Designs is available from and selected stockists from mid October, RRP £38

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