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. Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson is probably the most iconic figure in the vast timeline of British nautical history and has now been celebrated with a beautiful collection of fountain pens which are all crafted in Britain by one of the country’s most accomplished manufacturers, Bespoke British Pens.

Nelson’s legacy began in 1770, when he joined the Royal Navy aged just 12 years old. Young Horatio was a natural sailor and progressed rapidly – promoted to captain at the age of 21. In the years that followed, he commanded the respect of the British people and those he led into battle. Nelson’s bravery, skill and courage in battles across the western world were directly responsible for more than 100 years of peace in Europe.

His greatest achievement came in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar, where Nelson defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets. Sadly, he was killed by a sniper’s bullet towards the close of the battle. Already a British hero, his death caused an outpouring of national grief and he was given a state funeral, which previously had only been given to monarchs, followed by 5 days of mourning. Ever since, each year on Trafalgar Day, 21st October, Nelson’s countless followers all over the world raise a glass to his ‘Immortal Memory’.


. The Battle of Trafalgar, 1805

A prolific writer, it comes as no surprise that Nelson should have one of the most beautiful British writing instruments named after him.

The magnificent and elegant Conway Stewart Nelson pens are available in six vibrant colours, but only in very limited quantities. There are just 10 in Black Whirl, 1 Flecked Autumn, 15 of the Nebula, 7 Sapphire Blue, 10 in Walnut and 2 of the Graphite.

. The Conway Stewart Nelson Collection by Bespoke British Pens

Each Nelson Pen is decorated with a trio of solid gold bands around the cap – one broad and two thin - representing the braid bands which sat around the cuff of the Vice-Admiral’s uniform Nelson wore at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Each pen in the Conway Stewart Nelson Collection has been assembled by the dedicated craftsmen at Bespoke British Pens and is fitted with one of their Flag 18ct gold nibs, which come in a choice of Fine, Medium or Broad widths to suit every handwriting style. These Flag nibs have been globally acclaimed for their flexibility and the smoothness of their writing. For those proud of their British roots, every Conway Stewart Nelson pen features the Union Jack on its nib, a constant reminder of the flag which was raised on the aptly named HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.




. The Conway Stewart Nelson Collection by Bespoke British Pens

The Conway Stewart Nelson is a heavyweight pen, much like its companion range, the Churchill. It is satisfyingly weighty yet will sit comfortably in the hand for many hours of smooth writing.

Each Nelson Pen comes in a Conway Stewart black leather presentation box, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Provenance confirming its authenticity.

David Cooper, Marketing Director at Bespoke British Pens, commented “We think the Nelson encompasses the very best of Conway Stewart’s ‘Britishness’ in terms of design, elegance and collectability. For those who love the art of writing and appreciate top quality British craftsmanship, there is no finer pen than the Conway Stewart Nelson”.

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