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bespoke-pen-churchill3. Bespoke British Pens - Conway Stewart Churchill range

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Those well versed in the medium of famous quotations throughout history will recognise these as emerging from the prominent lips of none other than Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, the cigar toting steadfast who led Britain to victory in The Second World War, then spent another four years at Britain’s helm between 1951 and 1955. Delivering speeches to rally soldiers and raise spirits in the public eye, some of the finest words in British history were undoubtedly scribbled in their early days by a Conway Stewart pen.

Distinctive, distinguished and altogether larger than life, the Churchill model from Conway Stewart is widely considered today a design classic, a statement supported by its award winning reputation. But one would expect as much from an instrument bearing the name of a symbol of British strength and supremacy. The Conway Stewart Churchill pen is truly an undeniably impressive piece, not least because of its size. Both elegant and outstanding, the Conway Stewart Churchill pen has found itself the recipient of numerous prestigious titles such as “a tour-de-force of the penmaker’s craft...” as it utilizes a flat-top design which was widely popular throughout the 1930’s. Effortlessly drawing the attention of writing connoisseurs, this instrument commands notice and admiration wherever and whenever it’s used, an unrivalled and exquisite tribute to British pen-making.

But flawless craftsmanship aside, there’s a story behind the Conway Stewart Churchill model that reflects the tenacity of a phoenix rising from the ashes...

Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill


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bespoke-pen-churchill5. Bespoke British Pens - Conway Stewart Churchill range

In 2014, after just under 110 years of service to the British pen making industry, Conway Stewart & Company Ltd sadly went into administration, closing its factory doors for the last time. Undeterred, the spirit of British pen making was revived by Bespoke British Pens, who purchased a vast array of authentic Conway Stewart original components from the Administrator with “no real idea” what they were buying – they described how “there were so many bags and boxes of components it has been – and continues to be – a slow process to sort out all the individual components for each pen.”

As a result, when purchasing a Conway Stewart Churchill pen from Bespoke British Pens, customers can rest assured that every component is a genuine product of Conway Stewart, all meticulously built and prepared with the attentive care Bespoke British Pens have built their flawless reputation around. Available in a plethora of prestigious colours ranging from Classic Black to bursting and fruitful Poinsettia or the shimmering beauty of Quartz Green, only a small number of each luxurious fountain pen can be assembled. Once these numbers have gone, it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever be available again given the highly exclusive and limited stock. Doubling as an elegant desk display, each Conway Stewart Churchill pen from Bespoke British Pens arrives on customer doorsteps in an authentic Conway Stewart black leather presentation box, ensuring the instrument remains in pristine condition.

Versatile in their build, the Conway Stewart Churchill Pen from Bespoke British Pens offers a variety of 18 carat gold nibs to be fitted, available in fine, medium and broad to fit all writing styles, each bearing the iconic and distinctive Flag logo.

bespoke-pen-churchill. Bespoke British Pens - Conway Stewart Churchill range

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