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. Bespoke British Pens - Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia

Native to Mexico, the poinsettia is a vibrant and fruitful flower whose foliage is red and rich dark green in colour, and as a result, often finds its way into the blooming wreaths of Christmas floral displays. 

In the run up to Christmas, it comes as no surprise that luxury pen entrepreneurs, Bespoke British Pens, proudly exhibit the stunning Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia pen, the perfect gift for any budding authors or calligraphy enthusiasts in the family at Christmas. Alternatively, why not treat yourself to this festive finesse? Blending effortlessly into any Christmas picture, the Conway Stewart Churchill model now comes in a coat of sleek Poinsettia, embodying a festive blend of deep red and black, with a twist of green for an authentic Christmas feel.

To add to the exclusivity of the Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia pen from Bespoke British Pens, only 14 pieces are available. These pieces have been created and assembled by some of the finest craftsmen and women in the United Kingdom, prepared with the level of care and attention expected from such a prestigious instrument.


. Bespoke British Pens - Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia

The Conway Stewart Churchill model has won a plethora of awards in its illustrious lifespan, having earned this merit through the sheer quality of the pen itself, and the Poinsettia model is no different. The Poinsettia pen is fitted with a cartridge/converter filling mechanism, and a choice of fine, medium or broad 18 carat gold nibs, each bearing the brand’s iconic, quintessentially British flag logo.

Each Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia comes in a chic and stylish black leather presentation box, doubling as an exquisite desk display, turning the piece from just a writing instrument to a true conversational piece, almost ornamental. Also enclosed within this prestigious parcel is a Certificate of Authenticity, a Conway Stewart user guide, and to keep your pen gleaming for years to come, a special anti-tarnishing polishing cloth to make sure your Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia always looks as good as the day you bought it.

. Bespoke British Pens - Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia

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