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Released in March 2016, Bentley Infinite Rush is the latest fragrance from iconic British motor brand Bentley and the newest addition to the Bentley Infinite line. This luxurious perfume has been described as ‘an exhilarating fragrance option for those who push themselves to the limit.’

Spicy and fresh with a warm woody base, Bentley perfectly embody the luxury and unrivalled performance of their new SUV by incarnating the spirit of today’s adventurer and dedication to those who push the boundaries of expectations and strive to achieve into a glass bottle, available in both 60ml and 100ml vial servings, priced at £43 and £59.50, respectively.

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Aspiring to capture the exceptional performance of the recently launched and royal favourite Bentley Bentayga both on and off the road, Infinite Rush is aimed at those who enjoy sensational experiences. Calm and confident, the Bentley Infinite Rush man pushes out of his comfort zones, exploring new horizons and striving to involve himself in extreme scenarios which come with driving the Bentayga across sandy deserts and leaping from helicopters into oceans.

Ready for the next challenge, the Bentley Infinite Rush man lives to get the most out of all that life can offer, going further every day whilst remaining focused. He radiates curiosity and intrigue, never taking the easy way and never giving up. Created in his image, Bentley Infinite Rush bears a breathtaking, spicy freshness with a warm woody base, which effortlessly announces the strength and sensuality of today’s active modern man.

bentley, infinite rush, aftershave, perfume, men's perfume, designer perfume, bentley cars, eau de toilette.

The modern zest coursing through the veins of Bentley Infinite Rush lies in the unrivalled quality of the raw materials involved in the brewing process, which combine and exude true luxury. At the peak of Infinite Rush, a rush of adrenaline is evoked, with a cocktail of spices to electrify the senses hot on its tail. A stirring woody base refine the image of Bentley’s characteristic luxury, refinement and warmth.

An invitation of pink peppercorns invites the wearer to its delectable scent, exploding into sparkling mandarin which perfectly encapsulates masculinity with an aromatic, tonic touch of rosemary.

bentley, infinite rush, aftershave, perfume, men's perfume, designer.

Delving deeper into the heart of the fragrance, intriguing lashes of elemi which fluctuates between lemon, fennel, pepper and incense. This is encased by potent wood, which builds the mood, along with smoked vetiver and the ever chic cheddar.

At the base, amber wood seeks to greet the wearer in its passing stages, amplifying the spicy notes, while dressed in musk and swathed in tree moss to create a mysterious, long lasting life resting on the skin. This combination of freshness, spice and wood creates the ideology of the Bentley man – enthusiastic and active, while remaining confident, educated and a thrill seeker.

bentley, infinite rush, aftershave, perfume, men's perfume, designer perfume, bentley cars, eau de toilette.

Imitating its four wheeled predecessors, Bentley Infinite Rush utilizes the same design language of shapes and curves as Bentley cars, with the cap and wide shoulders of the bottle adorned with silver metal, and the piece de resistance, Bentley’s signature knurling on the base of the stopper. Embodying the idea of innovation and pushing the boundaries, the premium glass bottle features a high tech crackled effect.

To make each bottle unique, a special layer of varnish is applied on top of the classic varnish which retracts haphazardly both on contact and during firing, making each its own individual mosaic. Proudly bearing the Bentley logo, the instantly recognisable winged logo is fixed on the centre of the bottle, with a metal plaque contributing to its luxurious feel. The box mimics this signature approach, dressed in silver satin and a cracked motif, with a band of knurling on top with the same prestigious winged logo.

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