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YVES PARIS beauty box. YVES PARIS beauty box

Following a fascinating conversation with Liverpool fashion designer Paris Edwards-Griffith, we were delighted to receive a mysterious parcel at Foxley HQ, black in colour and beautifully sealed with a ribbon which proudly had the Yves Paris brand name emblazoned into the fabric.

Eager with curiosity and apprehension, we tentatively lifted the lid to be greeted by a protective layer of paper, under which were hidden five handy sized travel essentials from across the British beauty industry.

YVES PARIS beauty box. YVES PARIS beauty box

Launched in April, this collection of beauty and grooming products contains essentials for both men and women, with the finest palm sized skin, body, sun and hair care lovingly packaged within. The eCommerce site works with 14 brands dotted across the world, however being a quintessentially British publication, we had been thoughtfully gifted with a handful of the finest brands from the United Kingdom exclusively. All products featured in the Yves Paris ‘beauty box’, shall we say, because who doesn’t love alliteration where possible, are not tested on animals, and are organically certified and free from harsh chemicals.

YVES PARIS beauty box - Yours Truly Organics Balancing Toner. YVES PARIS beauty box - Yours Truly Organics Balancing Toner

Let’s start with a Balancing Toner from Yours Truly Organics. Describing themselves as “an expert brand founded on the desire for clear and beautiful skin”, this refreshing toner returns skin to its optimal pH level. Containing Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, the blogger’s favourite toner repairs the surface of the skin, which can be applied to both the face and neck areas. Working best on oily and acne prone skin, the Balancing Toner also assists with the clearing of pores. It improves the skin’s ability to absorb moisture. Overall, the Yours Truly Organics Balancing Toner is an essential step in any skincare regime, and is no stranger to success, being selected as a finalist in the Best Organic Facial Toner category of the 2015 Beauty Shortlist Awards. Approved by both the BUAV and the Vegetarian Society, the Yours Truly Organics Balancing Toner’s aroma is reminiscent of zingy fruity cocktails, with a twist of witch hazel.

YVES PARIS beauty box - Balm Balm fragrance free lip balm. YVES PARIS beauty box - Balm Balm fragrance free lip balm

Moving on, Yves Paris offers the old adage that ‘good things come in small packages’, with the inclusion of a small, pale green box from 100% organic skincare brand, Balm Balm. Certified by the Soil Association, the balm is fragrance free, meaning you’re free to eat, drink and kiss at your leisure – it’s also so gentle that it can be used as a multi-purpose moisturiser on a new born baby, and takes up practically no space in your bag. Containing shea butter, sunflower, beeswax, jojoba and calendula, these ingredients have been melted together to create a solid balm which soothes, moisturises, and nourishes any skin where it’s applied. All Balm Balm products should be kept below 30 degrees, as they are 100% natural and will melt. In the past, Balm Balm has been a Green Beauty Bible Award Winner.

YVES PARIS beauty box - Bloom and Blossom Baby Balm. YVES PARIS beauty box - Bloom and Blossom Baby Balm

In a slightly bigger white box, decorated with violet numbers beneath an encapsulating ‘B’ logo, harbouring a smaller, lower case b inside, is the Baby Balm from Bloom and Blossom. Upon further inspection, the numbers count to 7. But why 7? Because 7 is the total number of ingredients in this product, the minimum number of natural ingredients to achieve maximum results, all of which are chemical free. These include shea butter, essential oil of lavender, olive fruit oil, vitamin E, castor seed oil, medilan and zinc oxide. Specifically developed to nourish, moisturise and calm delicate skin, the Bloom and Blossom Baby Balm is also perfect for use on babies, as well as on mature skin, earning its way into handbags and baby bags across the country, serving as the perfect barrier cream for the face. Don’t forget yourself; a little goes a long way.

YVES PARIS beauty box - Roques O'Neil Therapie Restore Aura Spray. YVES PARIS beauty box - Roques O'Neil Therapie Restore Aura Spray

Next to take the stand is something I myself have only recently discovered, after witnessing a colleague spraying herself in the face with it. Curious, I had to know what it was, and try it. I was pleasantly surprised. In quite the coincidence, a bottle arrived months later in the Yves Paris beauty box, from Roques O’Neil. The Therapie Restore Aura Spray is an aromatherapic infusion of essential oils, crystals and Reiki designed to cleanse and rebuild energy fields while refreshing tired, frazzled or overworked customers. Flavours encapsulated within this small black bottle, complete with black spray cap making it easy to spray to the facial area, include bursts of rose, frankincense and native white sage, with essential oils of wild rose, frankincense and fragonia to comfort and calm. Sweet orange, rosemary and lemon offer the wearer clarity and revitalization. Meanwhile, cucumber and soothing liquorice hydrate and soften the skin. Roques O’Neil, whose first name is Michelle, is a globally acclaimed aromatherapist who developed Therapie to act as ‘a self-healing program’ – to restore energy levels, alleviate stress and help rediscover emotional well-being.  Roques O’Neil utilizes only wholly natural non-toxic materials, with no synthetic or nature identical chemicals or materials used.

YVES PARIS beauty box - Anatomicals botanical purifying tee tree face mask. YVES PARIS beauty box - Anatomicals botanical purifying tee tree face mask

Last but no means least comes a cry of “off with their (black and white) heads!”

Although not quite the same calibre as the French Revolution, in its own way, the anatomicals botanical purifying tee tree face mask is changing history in the beauty industry through a mantra of “spotlessness, beauticiousness, radiance”, fronting what’s affectionately referred to as “La Republique du Ravishing.”

The botanical purifying face mask arrive in the form of individually packaged soft cloth facial masks, containing tea tree extracts which deliver unsurpassed moisture and nourishment to the skin. Once applied to a cleansed face, wait just 20 minutes before removing and massaging any remaining fluid into the skin, and feel the difference.


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