Aston Martin Opens Extravagant Wilmslow Showroom

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Aston Martin and its new Wilmslow showroom. Aston Martin Wilmslow

Arguably the most iconic car brand in the world, made famous with its endless appearances in the James Bond franchise, Aston Martin globally acclaimed product of British craftsmanship, dating back to the early 20th century in the country’s capital of London.

On the 8th February, the British brand expanded its reach across the country, particularly in the north as it opened a new and extensively refurbished showroom in the picturesque parish of Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Aston Martin Car Badge with the wings and name. Aston Martin

Aston Martin Wilmslow Showroom with Vanquish models. Aston Martin Wilmslow

So what can motoring enthusiasts expect from Aston Martin Wilmslow?

The extravagant Water Lane plaza features state-of-the-art facilities, including a deluxe showroom where all the latest Aston Martin sports cars will be exhibited. In addition to this, a lavish, luxurious lounge offers Aston Martin Wilmslow customers the opportunity to create their dream car to their exact specifications through the use of Q by Aston Martin technology, allowing customers to step into the shoes of the brains behind Bond’s gadgets himself.

Blending the modern with the classic, a vast array of Timeless pre-owned models by Aston Martin are proudly on display, supported by Aston Martin’s team of expertly Gaydon-trained and a dedicated aftersales team based at Lower Meadow Road, guiding the customer lovingly by hand throughout the process from start to finish.

New Aston Martin Wilmslow. Aston Martin Wilmslow

Aston Martin Wilmslow. Aston Martin Wilmslow

The showroom’s renovation was completed in the closing months of 2016. Officially opened by Marcus Blake, the Aston Martin President of the UK region, the upgraded dealership tastefully complements Stratstone’s existing Aston Martin dealerships across Britain.

Speaking about the showroom, Phil Cole, the Dealer Principal at the brand’s Wilmslow showroom commented, “We are delighted to be opening our renovated showroom which will provide our customers with an extensive range of new and “Timeless” pre-owned models.  We look forward to welcoming new and existing Aston Martin owners to our new showroom.”

Marcus Blake added, “With this renovated showroom, Aston Martin Wilmslow will not only offer customers a space where they can buy or service their car, but also a space to personally experience the Aston Martin brand.”

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