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Synonymous with a very British sense of style, Alex Monroe jewellery is feminine yet delicate and quirky, with the brand priding every piece created on being consistently wearable. Loved in every corner of the world, each bespoke piece is designed and handmade in England by founder Alex Monroe and his team.

Growing up in a big old house in the wilds of Suffolk, Alex was surrounded and enthralled by nature from an early age, living an active life of filled with adventures roaming across forests and jumping in rivers, roaming at his leisure in what he affectionately refers to as ‘nature’s playground.’ Little did Alex know this eccentric and idyllic childhood would shape his future for years to come, taking inspiration for Alex Monroe pieces from the natural world. This, along with a fondness for English eccentricities and a touch of humour and nostalgia results in the flawless craftsmanship the brand proudly radiates today, with a fascination for the intricacies present in immaculate design.


Alex trained at Sir John Cass School of Art in London, before producing his first collection in 1987, with an aspiration to craft incredible quality jewellery, which was designed, lovingly made by hand and well priced. Working off an ethos of ‘made to be worn, made to be loved’, the values upon which Alex Monroe was built remain true to this day.


In 2014, Bloomsbury published ‘Two Turtle Doves – A Memoir of Making Things’, in which Alex talks at length about his journey into the world of jewellery and reminiscing about a life of making things. All of Alex’s original designs are made by hand, utilizing traditional jewellery techniques. Often creating his own tools, he has a fabulous ability to take precious metals and tastefully imbue them with a natural, lifelike quality. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s a feather delicately surfing on a breeze, or an old weary suitcase, battered from travel, colourfully used.

Alex Monroe, Designer/Owner, Champin Grove, London, UK, Professional Jeweller HOT100 Alex Monroe - Designer and Owner of Alex Monroe, London, UK, July 21, 2010 (Photo by Isidora Bojovic/ITP Images). (Photo by Isidora Bojovic/ITP Images)

Through his long and colourful career, Alex has worked with a diverse range of clients, including Nike, Buckingham Palace and Penhaligon’s, to name just three prestigious clients. Although the collaborations are diverse, Alex Monroe always maintains its signature aesthetic. Alex’s award winning flagship building opened in London Bridge in 2012, where it plays home to the brand’s bespoke workshops, and serves as a delightful stand-alone boutique.

Available all around the world, Alex Monroe offers the core collection, made in Sterling Silver, available in a series of finishes, including gold-plated, vermeil, rose gold plate or mixed metal.


Meanwhile, the fine jewellery collection has been named ‘Goldcrest’, which features a plethora of beautifully crafted items, ranging from delicate necklaces and diamond earrings to sparkling diamond engagement rings, followed by subtly textured wedding rings. Every piece in the Goldcrest collection is lovingly made by hand from elegant 18 carat gold, with some designs also available in platinum. A bespoke service is also available for those looking for something unrivalled and unlike any other.

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