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In just eight short years since its inception, APT Fabrics has made a name for itself across Europe for its proudly manufactured in the UK innovative sartorial systems. The brand creates technical and performance fabrics, delving deep into research and design. As a result of this, the brand’s fabrics are on a par with any of its competitors all across the market. The brand designs and supplies their own performance fabrics, while offering a bespoke service in order to meet the client’s every need. Spreading its wings of vast experience, APT Fabrics hosts training seminars for other brands, features design optimisation services and offers its own unique specialised fabric brands.

This Northern Ireland-based clothing conglomerate was created by Stanley Russell, a business entrepreneur with three decades of experience spread across coating, weaving and various other aspects of his industry. This well-versed background led Stanley to create Aclimatise.

Speaking about the brand, Stanley cites that he set up Aclimatise to “challenge the norm in the outdoor clothing industry.” Above and beyond its competition, Aclimatise proudly bears the merit of being the world's first thermoregulated waterproof, breathable and windproof fabric system. Featuring an exclusive aluminium membrane, Aclimatise products are 100% waterproof, ensuring moisture management and breathability and, weather permitting, heat reflection in the warmer months.

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This means that whether adventurers are out in -30C or 30C, Aclimatise provide the perfect apparel to remain comfortably cool, whatever the weather. Put relentlessly through their paces, Aclimatise products have been tested in the Antarctic, surviving arguably more extreme conditions than the United Kingdom has to offer. This reliability has seen a number of customers return to Aclimatise time and time again, with a following developing to the point of what founder Stanley Russell affectionately refers to as “Aclimatise Families.”

I can give the product that fits the exact specifications without compromise”, Russell confidently states.

The brand’s range of laminated fabrics meet and exceed the highest current industry standards and are the fabric of Choice for nearly all of the UK Police forces, whilst their Aclimatise range adds on a new dimension in performance The brand’s fleeces have won a multitude of awards, and made their public debut at The Gadget Show Live. However, Aclimatise products cannot be found on the high street, they’re sold exclusively through the brand’s website, making them that much more sought after by enthusiasts and casual adventurers alike.

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So how are such weather sturdy garments made?


pieces are created using an outer fabric laminated to a breathable Polyurethane membrane, which incorporates 30% aluminium. Additionally, a durable water repellent is applied to the surface of the fabric. The incorporated lining consists of moisture wicking and antistatic.

Quintessentially British in nature, Aclimatise utilise UK fabrics wherever possible. This means that due to the brand’s bespoke nature and British craftsmanship, that small orders are possible, with special colour options available for retailers ordering 15 or more items.

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