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Accessories make a home. Some will look to the bigger objects and obvious focal points – colour of the sofa, shade of the wooden floor, wallpaper choice – but it’s generally the interior design aficionados who gravitate towards small things on coffee tables and windowsills.

Budget, mix-and-match furniture palaces like IKEA offer plenty of choice, but the all-important accessories can become formulaic – all laid out ready to be chosen by you and everyone else behind you in the bizarre one-way system. There are hundreds of photo frames in plain white, to fit in with all imaginable colour schemes, but they’re never considered an important feature on their own.

Fighting the good fight against forgettable homeware is Kensington Bespoke. With 60 years of collective experience in selecting high-end items directly from one of London’s most stylish streets, Kensington High Street, they consider themselves more of a personal shopping service than an online retailer. The care and attention of Kensington Bespoke isn’t just for the benefit of specialist collectors, or people who’s idea of Christmas is the last 30 seconds of a niche Ebay sale, it’s for anyone who wants their home accessories to be bespoke and thoughtfully chosen.

Here come the classics

Dust those shelves and shine up the glass display cases. Kensington Bespoke stock carefully handcrafted porcelain created by notable brands Lladro and Herend. The former’s collections are still made in the world’s original and only Valencia factory, and have been since the 1950s, and Herend’s famous hand-painted porcelain started its life in Hungary in 1826.

. Herend Queen Elizabeth II Tea Service

. Herend Queen Elizabeth II Tea Service

If you fancy yourself a bit, well…fancy, you need something porcelain to drink your tea out of, or to at least display near the coffee table, even if it never actually goes near a tea bag. The Herend Queen Elizabeth II Tea Service is as regal as it gets, created to commemorate the Queen as our longest serving monarch. The teapot features its very own crown, there’s a matching sugar and creamer, and there are only 200 of these sets in the world. If that’s not worth bragging about at your next coffee morning, we don’t know what is.

. Herend Blessed Mary Our Lady with Flowers

If you’re more of a traditionalist, or just don’t fancy wincing every time you pour hot water into a £250 teacup, Lladro’s famous pastoral and animal figurines are here for you and your living room. Some are religious and traditional, such as their Blessed Mary Our Lady with Flowers, and others are more modern, like their representations of the famous feline good luck charm, Maneki Neko. Safe to say, there’s a Lladro figure for everyone with every possible interest, whether it’s golf or medieval knights.

Your flowers deserve better

Why would you spend time and money choosing the perfect lilies when they’re just going to end up in a cheap old vase on the sideboard? We’re sure this is a question you’ve asked yourself many, many times.

. Herend VBO Victoria Empire Vase

Herend aren’t just responsible for some of the finest porcelain tea cups and ornaments you’ve ever seen, their range of Victoria vases are the perfect gift to yourself. Named after Queen Victoria (of course), their two vases feature beautifully detailed hand painted floral designs, gold detailing and a spectacular shape. Your flowers are going to feel quite overshadowed actually…

It’s not all about what you can see…

Life’s too short for air freshener plug-ins that smell like chemical lavender. Kensington Bespoke’s home scents collection is available in candles, diffusers, and sprays, infused with classic floral fragrances like rose, lily of the valley and jasmine.  Their most notable brands include Bamford and Acqua Dell’ Elba, a bottle so crystal clear blue you’ll want to use it as decoration regardless of what it smells like.

. Acqua Dell Elba Home Fragrance Diffuser

. Bamford Large Candle

Each of Bamford’s candles has three wicks to be lit, and a combination of three complimentary scents. Lily of the valley mixes well with amber and musk, and jasmine is a perfect combination with white musk and cedar. That one’s Kensington Bespoke’s favourite, and ours too as it happens.

Traditionalist or modernist, it really doesn’t matter. Kensington Bespoke’s handpicked luxury goods are available at, plus they offer a personal one to one service for any questions or queries.

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