A Royal Parade; Trooping the Colour 2016

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The Queen's Birthday Parade also known as Trooping the Colour. The Queen's Birthday Parade also known as Trooping the Colour

Every year, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her official birthday in a patriotic ceremony of splendour known as ‘Trooping the Colour’, which takes place between Buckingham Palace and the Horse Guards Parade via the Mall, falling this year on Saturday 11th June.

The term ‘colours’ originated from the way in which regimental flags utilized by the British Army utilized the uniform colours and insignia worn by various different units of soldiers, a term still used today. The role of a regiment’s colours was to create a gathering point on the battlefield, as it was often all too easy for soldiers to become disorientated and separated from the rest of their unit when conflicts arose. The term ‘trooping’ describes the manner in which young officers would march in between ranks of troops formed up in lines, with their Colours held high.

Trooping the Colour. Trooping the Colour

The Royal Guards are one of the oldest regiments in the British Army, and have held rank as Her Majesty’s personal bodyguards since the restoration of the Monarchy after the English Civil War (1642 – 1651). It’s widely believed that the very first Trooping the Colour ceremony took place during King Charles II’s reign (1660 – 1685). It became an official Royal birthday celebration in 1748, and has been an annual event ever since the coronation of George III in 1760. Although Her Majesty’s actual birthday is on 21st April, her ‘official birthday’ is commemorated by the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

Trooping the Colour.

Trooping the Colour

This undoubtedly impressive ceremony is carried out by the Household Division on Horse Guards Parade, with Her Majesty in attendance herself who receives the salute. The display includes over 1400 men and officers on parade accompanied by 200 horses, while over 400 musicians from ten bands and drum corps march and play as one. Approximately 113 commands are given by the Officer in Command of the display, with the route extending from Buckingham Palace along The Mall to Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and back again.

The Queens Carriage at Trooping the Colour.

Trooping the Colour

The presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is met with a Royal Salute, followed by an inspection of the troops. After a musical number by the massed bands, the escorted Regimental Colour is carried down the ranks. The Household Cavalry and The Foot Guards march past Her Majesty, followed by The King’s Troop and The Royal Horse Artillery. The Queen is then taken in a carriage back to Buckingham Palace at the front of her Guards, before receiving a salute at the Palace from a dais. The troops return to their barracks, and Her Majesty joins the rest of The Royal Family on the palace balcony from a fly past by The Royal Air Force. The ceremony begins at 10am, and closes with the Royal Air Force cruising past at 1pm, and the whole parade is broadcast live on the BBC to homes all over the country.

The Queen arriving at Trooping the Colour.

Trooping the Colour

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