“True style transcends the centuries”
Imari Ceramics first visited British shores in the late 17th/early 18th century, where Robert Chamberlain, the namesake behind Worcestershire prestigious porcelain brand, Chamberlain & Co, became renowned for its UK production.

Today, these Imari pieces have been designed by Louise Adams, exclusively for Chamberlain & Co. This prestigious collection is lovingly made by hand, forging a personal connection between craftsman and customer at the brand’s workshop based in Worcestershire. The Imari Collection consists of the curvaceous Croome Ginger Jar, the elegant Broadway Vase, the simply breath-taking Elmley Bowl and the expansive Abberley Comport, a piece for every setting, perfect for blending into any themed living room.

The Imari Collection embodies the spirit of the Japanese potters of the early 1600s, dressed in a prestigious pallet of shades of red, blue and gold. Their regal shapes and beautiful, rich colours make the Imari Collection instantly recognisable to a ceramics connoisseur.

Louise Adams’ adaptation of the historic design consists of rich iron red pigments contrasted by shades of deep cobalt blue, combined with traditional gilding. In a subtle way, Louise has enhanced the designs offered by Chamberlain & Co by incorporating the brand’s namesake, Robert Chamberlain’s iconic heritage shades of emerald green and gentle orange, thereby providing a modern take on a stunning, classical display of beauty suitable for the 21st century.

The Imari Collection is instantly recognisable by its collage of stylised camellias, a tip of the proverbial cap to Robert Chamberlain’s original designs, combined with gilded floral patterns which reflect the trends of the 17th century. The Imari Collection embodies an undeniably rich contemporary flavour, while reflecting tradition with a distinct colour pallet.

But what keeps the Imari Collection relevant with pottery collectors today?

Chamberlain & Co believe the appeal of the Imari Collection lies in its unrivalled grandeur, keeping the pieces relevant and prestigious over the course of centuries with collectors and appreciators alike. The endless talent of the meticulous craftsmen and women who create the pieces offered by Chamberlain & Co keeps collectors coming back time and time again. Chamberlain & Co’s team are able to create some of the largest, yet the most intricate pieces seen by the human eye, and the Imari Collection by Chamberlain & Co arguably defines the tradition. A minimum of 6 hours is spent gilding each piece, ensuring absolute perfection in each pieced produced by Chamberlain & Co, while at least 13 hours are spent lovingly painting each ceramic piece by hand, creating an absolute spectacle to fit any room of the house.

“Today’s decoration will become tomorrow’s forever family heirloom.”

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