Jewellery and Watches

In today’s society, no outfit feels complete without being decorated in the finest accessories money can buy – luxury watches are commonplace, alongside necklaces rich in diamonds and jewels. In particular in this section, all glitter and glamour aside, one thing we aim to focus on and portray to readers is the heritage of such items – in this category, you’ll find British brands with histories stemming back hundreds of years, which makes them all the more fascinating and appealing.

A brand with which we work closely on a regular basis is that of Bremont; one of the finest British luxury watchmakers on the market at present whose watches delve into dynamic world of aeroplanes, heavily influenced by pilot culture, entering our chronograph industry into the race, competing with infamous Swiss watch designs. We also explore the finest handmade wall clocks and engagement rings, focusing on artisan products within the jewelry industry.

Join us as we review the the latest news, views, reviews and exclusive insight from the world of luxury jewellery and watches.

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