Food and Drink

If there’s one thing we Brits pride ourselves upon, it’s our catering ability and exquisite food and drink ideas. Handed down through generations since medieval ages, we’ve always found new and innovative ways to both preserve and enjoy the finest food and drink our country has to offer.

A recent survey showed that the most iconic British symbol is that of the traditional Sunday roast – but other much loved dishes served especially from our nation include fish and chips, a full english breakfast and black pudding, all sought by people from all over the world.

It could be argued that the simple art of baking a loaf of bread or moulding a wheel of cheese has now become an art, and thusly, labelled as artisan products. At The Foxley Docket, it’s these products, lovingly handmade in Britain, which we seek out and want to share with clientele and readers alike, to broadcast proudly with a message of what Britain is truly capable of. And so, the term artisan has become more vague as industries and expertise explore new ventures – artisan can now cover bread, cheese, meat, fine spirits (with those who like to drink gin thriving in this new business venture) and cakes, which often take centre stage at weddings up and down the country and decorate the fine china platters of cream tea lunches – the perfect accompaniment to a meal.

It’s widely known that bread’s origins stems back thousands of years and is often believed to have Egyptian or Sumerian origin, but did you know that Britain played a vital role in the development of bread making? In 1961, the Chorleywood Bread Process was introduced by the British Baking Industries Research Association – although this stripped away the ‘hands on’ approach involved in bread making, it introduced intense mechanical working of dough, which reduces the fermentation period, and the time it took to create a loaf, at the expense of taste and nutrition. This high energy mixing allows for the use of inferior grain, a process utilized in bread factories all over the world and makes for a much quicker process, without the time taken for several cycles of kneading and resting time to become ready for baking and producing the desired texture and flavour. This mechanization made baked bread a thing of beauty and art, and we show it, and its bakers, the appreciation it deserves.

Although wine is often associated with France, Britain has its roots deeply embedded in the wine industry, with historians believing that the Romans introduced the vine to our native lands, and it’s believed the climate in Britain at this time was warmer.Throughout the course of the Roman invasion in AD43, winemaking became an innovative and bespoke craft, with wine amphorae and drinking cups discovered by the dozen when Roman villas, houses and garrisons have been excavated in the past.

We explore wine by the case and the finest British Gin brands. It’s time to set the table… and indulge in the finest dining of food and drink the British Isles has to offer.

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