This section explores fashion and staying loyal to the roots of the Foxley Media Group, delving into the worlds of both luxury and heritage, we explore the finest tailored suits and bespoke suits on the market.

When one thinks of Britain, instantly images of gentlemen in the finest long coat tails and top hats, dressed in rich tailored suits spring to mind, as depicted in countless works by iconic, infamous author Charles Dickens in Victorian times, a style which has remained relevant to this day in the more luxurious circles.

One such historic landmark rich in bespoke tailoring and English shoemakers is Savile Row, in Mayfair, Central London, a street rich in history which also played host to the Beatles’ final live performance, which took place on the roof of the Apple office, number 3 on the street. The origin of custom tailoring and the finest menswear stems all the way back to the nineteenth century, when Henry Poole, a man described as ‘the Founder of Savile Row’ opened his shop at number 32. It’s understood that the term ‘bespoke’ originated on this prestigious street, when cloth designated for a specific suit was described was said to ‘be spoken for.’ Labelled as the golden street of tailoring, Savile Row has played host to A list celebrities including Prince Charles, Jude Law, Winston Churchill and Mohammed Ali to name a few. To this day, young and innovative tailors dotted up and down this opulent row keep this British quality alive and thriving.

Featuring the finest clothing Britain has to offer, ‘Threads and Treads’ seeks to introduce you to the most elegant ladies fashion and most sophisticated mens fashion. Suit up and step out in style…

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