Master Craft

One of the most fascinating things about what we do here at Foxley is the constant innovation broadcast before our very eyes – front row seats to the most exciting and exclusive technological advances from a plethora of industries, all taking place in Britain.

British industry has been at the forefront of development and technology for many centuries, driving innovations and inventions that have given the world great strides in production and standards of living. From its early beginnings in the Industrial Revolution along with the invention of steam power and electricity, the British Isles has offered many engineering and technological triumphs we still use and celebrate today. From television to computers and the jet engine, Britain has led the way in pushing new boundaries and bringing them into reality for the world to enjoy.

With such a long and distinguished list of these achievements, it is hard to keep track of them all which is why The Foxley Docket is keeping up with the latest from British Industry and reporting on the master craftsmen and businesses behind them. We also cover those businesses who are at the top of their game – the professionals who strive to provide only the best product in their industry.

A thriving British industry drenched in both heritage and popularity is that of outdoor sports. This includes target shooting – we introduce you to the most beautiful handcrafted guns from brands rich in heritage including Bamfords, a piece of art arguably more deserving of a commemorative plaque than the shooting ground. From luxury pens, designer pottery and famous inventors, Master Craft aims to provide you a guide to the best and brightest of British. Other features of the ‘Master Craft’ category include the most intricate and fascinating machinery – the wonders of mechanical engineering, and the most prestigious musical instruments, truly creating the sound of elegance.

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