Hayward & Stott - Scottish Silver

Hayward and Stott is a small family business in the Pentland Hills just outside of Edinburgh specialising in the manufacturing of scottish silver.

Believing that quality should speak for itself, their designs are intentionally simplistic and are created by skilled craftsmen using only the finest materials.

Foxley Docket are delighted to be the sole national distributor of Hayward and Stott’s latest Highland Safari Collection. Celebrating iconic African and Scottish animals, each item has been carefully made by skilled craftsmen in Harare, Zimbabwe using local materials including Rhodesian Teak, copper and brass. The durable teak from sustainable forests gives the products its reddish brown hues, while the natural grain of the wood makes each piece beautifully unique.

Each item is adorned with animal figurines, made from heavily weighted brass. and sculpted to original designs by our time served silversmiths and metalworkers. This, combined with expert moulding and Sterling Silver plating, achieves the fine finish and detail for the brand’s African and Scottish game birds and animals. The collection features homeware and gifts including wooden boards, wine coasters, bottle stoppers, photo frames and freestanding animals available in a variety of sizes.

scottish silver - hayward and stott

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