British Heritage

Discover the Best of British

With World Heritage sites all over the British Isles, there is arguable a large list of go to places for anyone wanting to explore Britain. And to go with those places there are also the very people who make up these islands. Those who are simply the best of British.

We examine the famous people who make up the fabric and society of these islands, from the Royal Family to famous authors and inventors, and the stories behind them and their creations. Each and every one of them has made a contribution and had an impact on life in the British Isles, and we tell the background and history behind each one of them. We also look at the buildings and constructions that give Britain its unique identity in the world, with engineering triumphs and strokes of genius to the sheer creativity of writers and novelists that continue to put the UK on the map.

Famous British landmarks feature amongst the list, with stately homes, castles and national parks, Britain has a large variety to see and visit. Join us as we explore who and what is simply the Best of British.

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