Beauty & Grooming

Health and Beauty plus skincare are essential aspects of the way in which we present ourselves. Many women have a daily routine of applying makeup before leaving the house, dressed in the latest perfumes, and in the modern times, men have been noted as spending just as much, if not more time in the bathroom in the morning – shaving, styling, brushing – it’s all part of the way in which we wish to appear to others and the message we wish to convey to those we come into contact with on a daily basis. This section seeks to encapsulate all that makes us who we are at our best, paying particular attention to British brands, rich in heritage.

Paying homage to our roots, the styles and aesthetics of old seem to roam the streets in a modern day town centre, with looks coming full circle as fashion often does. More and more traditional barber shops are popping up in every city, each trying to be more bespoke and unique than the last, often dressed in a 50’s aesthetic and the red and white striped barber poles of old positioned proudly in the vicinity – a straight razor is one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in a barber’s arsenal.

In this section, under health and beauty you’ll find the latest perfumes for men and perfume for women – aftershave has become, in many men’s books today, something which is a vital part of the appearance, applying it in bulk before leaving for the day, ensuring they smell as good as they look. There’s no denying that the cosmetic industry is alive and well – consider Floris London. This family run perfume business has been thriving since its establishment in 1730, opening at 89 Jermyn Street, which is still the headquarters of this opulent parfum business today. Also included in Beauty & Grooming features the latest health and beauty tips including skincare for both men and women, remaining in gender equality in our search for the finest brands helping push Beautiful Britain. Beauty stores can be found up and down the country, with several in every city centre, ranging from the simple and every day beauty to those offering the finest beauty products money can buy, with shelves decorated in cologne, serum and lotions galore.

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