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The latest luxury travel news and reviews from The Foxley Docket. British landmarks have always been something the United Kingdom suffers no shortage in, and with the tourism industry ever thriving, discover with us the best locations to visit. Featuring stately homes, castles and national parks, Britain has a large variety of locations to visit. You could even hire some of these destinations for a function, wedding reception or more.
Discover the very best of british in luxury travel, five-star hotels, resorts, spas and more. Be inspired by the United Kingdom’s most exotic locations, recommended destinations, travel advice and tips.

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Since the early 19th century, mankind has had the ability to cruise the gracious plains of our beautiful planet – to feel the sun in our eyes and the wind in our hair – in arguably one of our greatest creations – the automobile, designed by Francois Isaac de Rivaz. Since then, mechanical engineering has come along in leaps and bounds, with cars transforming from a simple transportation device into a piece of technological mastery. Luxury Car reviews in this section feature the best of British brands in the UK motoring industry…

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One of the most fascinating things about what we do here at Foxley is the constant innovation broadcast before our very eyes – front row seats to the most exciting and exclusive technological advances from a plethora of industries, all taking place in Britain. A thriving British industry drenched in both heritage and popularity is that of outdoor sports. This includes target shooting – we introduce you to the most beautiful handcrafted guns from brands rich in heritage including Bamfords, a piece of art arguably more deserving of a commemorative plaque than the shooting ground. Other features…

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The Foxley Docket shares its expertise in the interior design industry. This section includes the finest British interiors on the market today, and can include anything ranging from room aesthetics to rugs to armchairs to sofas and everything in between – all you need to make your home look its best, and portray the right image for you. Recline on the finest Chesterfields and sleep in beds laced in blankets weaved from endless thread counts and revel in this mastercraft. It’s rarely mentioned that one of the most influential design theorists of the nineteenth century was British; Owen Jones…

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If there’s one thing we Brits pride ourselves upon, it’s our catering ability and exquisite food ideas. Handed down through generations since medieval ages, we’ve always found new and innovative ways to both preserve and enjoy the finest food and drink our country has to offer. A recent survey showed that the most iconic British symbol is that of the traditional Sunday roast – but other much loved dishes served especially from our nation include fish and chips, a full english breakfast and black pudding, all sought by people from all over the world. Although wine is often associated with France, Britain has its roots deeply embedded in the wine industry, with historians believing that the Romans introduced the vine to our native lands, and it’s believed the climate in Britain at this time was warmer. Throughout the course of the Roman invasion in AD43, wine making became an innovative and bespoke craft, with wine amphorae and drinking cups discovered by the dozen when Roman villas, houses and garrisons have been excavated in the past. Join us as we explore all the fine dining, wines, and artisan restaurants Britain has to offer

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In today’s society, no outfit feels complete without being decorated in the finest luxury accessories money can buy – luxury watches are commonplace, alongside necklaces and jewelry rich in diamonds and gems. In particular in this section, with all the glitter and glamour aside, one thing we aim to focus on and portray to our readers is the heritage of such items – in this category, you’ll find British luxury brands with histories stemming back hundreds of years, which makes them all the more fascinating and appealing. A brand with which we work closely on a regular basis is that of Bremont; one of the finest British luxury watchmakers on the market at present whose luxury watches delve into dynamic world of aeroplanes, heavily influenced by pilot culture, entering our chronograph industry into the race, competing with infamous Swiss luxury watch designs. We also explore the finest handmade wall clocks and engagement rings, focusing on artisan products within the jewelry industry.

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This section explores fashion and staying loyal to the roots of the Foxley Media Group, delving into the worlds of both luxury and heritage, we explore the finest tailored suits and bespoke suits on the market. When one thinks of Britain, instantly images of gentlemen in the finest long coat tails and top hats, dressed in rich tailored suits spring to mind, as depicted in countless works by iconic, infamous author Charles Dickens in Victorian times, a style which has remained relevant to this day in the more luxurious circles. One such historic landmark rich in bespoke tailoring and English shoemakers…

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Health and Beauty plus skincare are essential aspects of the way in which we present ourselves. Many women have a daily routine of applying makeup before leaving the house, dressed in the latest perfumes, and in the modern times, men have been noted as spending just as much, if not more time in the bathroom in the morning – shaving, styling, brushing – it’s all part of the way in which we wish to appear to others and the message we wish to convey to those we come into contact with on a daily basis. This section seeks to encapsulate all that makes us who we are at our best, paying particular attention to British brands, rich in heritage.

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The latest and greatest in British luxury lifestyle news and heritage, serving as an events calendar – we give you a sneak peek into company events that occur here at Foxley and our networking adventures, including store launches across the UK for the finest and best of British industry has to offer and the most mind blowing super car showdowns in the most beautiful locations. We also share the thoughts and opinions of the finest independent schools across the school board on the current education system and why they feel their school is the best option for UK high net worth parents everywhere…