STOER Skincare For Men began life in response to the skin concerns of men. For some, those concerns were dryness and irritation and for others oiliness, breakouts and razor bumps. But although each man’s concerns are different, one factor played a part in all their skin issues, whether they came from a remote rural township or worked in a bustling inner city - the environment.

After discovering that few men’s skincare brands dealt directly with the on-going battle between men’s skin and the environment, the idea for STOER quickly took shape and set about creating a range of high-tech but easy-to-use products that would act as the ultimate defense shield for men’s skin.

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STOER - Skincare Detox Face Scrub

Perfect for keeping skin smooth, bright and healthy-looking, our Detox Face Scrub features a trio of mineral, volcanic and natural exfoliants to help ..

Ex Tax: £22.50

STOER - Skincare Energising Eye Serum

Specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes and featuring STOER’s unique Clima5 Technology, our high-performance Energising Eye Serum i..

Ex Tax: £26.67

STOER - Skincare Firm and Protect Serum

Taking daily skincare to the next level, our rapidly-absorbed, matte-finish Firm And Protect Serum utilises cosmetic drone technology to deliver STOER..

Ex Tax: £33.33

STOER - Skincare Foaming Face Wash

Gentle but effective, our premium 2-in-1 Foaming Face Wash is the perfect way to tee up your daily grooming regime. Sulfate-free, it’s designed to rid..

Ex Tax: £20.00

STOER - Skincare Vitamin Power Mask 75ml

Packed with antioxidant vitamins A, C & E, anti-inflammatory Pro Vitamin B5 and featuring unique Clima5 technology to bolster skin’s natural defen..

Ex Tax: £29.17