Forget Black Friday – Here comes Brit Friday

black friday brit fridayBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are the newest US events to land on British soil. The question is, are the British people bothered?

Everyone loves a good deal but the British don’t seem to be as excited as our US cousins.  Black Friday is after all the event that happens the day after Thanksgiving.

It’s understandable why the shops are eager to jump on the bandwagon, but it makes no sense for Britain to make this a new date in the diary.

Jack Piccadilly ’69

As well as buying “bargain” goods that you probably don’t even need, Black Friday can be a busy time in the shops. Who wants to be elbowing their way around the deals anyway?

Large retailers are “slashing” their prices but what we want to know is why have prices been so inflated across the rest of the year? Here at The Foxley Docket we think it’s best to buy locally, shop small and look after the independents.

But if you really want to get a piece of the action, then keeping it online might be a good suggestion. Kick your feet up, snuggle up next to the fire with a nice cup of tea – in good old British style. Or a better suggestion – join in with our new hashtag – #BritFriday we think it could be the next big thing! Shop at our sister site – Foxley’s Emporium for the latest British artisan gifts, accessories and fashion, all crafted by bold companies and creative startups. There is even free shipping too – for a limited time only.