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The Foxley Docket – The place for bold, British artisans. At Foxley, we deliver bold and British artisans to the British people. As the flagship product of The Foxley Media Group, The Foxley Docket is a monthly artisan focused luxury lifestyle magazine which is distributed to the top 1% of UK wealth using The Foxley Media Group’s own ICO approved high net worth database of over 7.6 million British homes and high net worth investors, known as GETMYMARKET.COM




The Foxley Docket – ONLINE

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Here at The Foxley Docket.com, we endeavour to provide you with news and insights into the world of the most interesting and innovative British Artisans. Featuring luxury goods like luxury watches, luxury cars and artisan restaurants, we aim to cover all aspect of the British luxury lifestyle and discover the story behind the best of British.

Being a quintessentially British brand ourselves, we thrive on spreading the word about the artisans our nation has to offer.

In a press release issued in February 2016 – A bold statement made by Foxley MD, Matthew Fairhurst, stated that the website and subsequent print magazine of The Foxley Docket – a publication associated with the expert reporting of the very finest, high end luxury products from across the world – “will now only work with true British artisans who have an interesting story to tell.”

He continued: “We are a family run business ourselves and for this reason we want to work with real companies, run by real people.”


In discussing the new direction, Editorial Coordinator, Daniel Parry stated,

“Our new direction means we can celebrate the heritage and down-right Britishness about independent artisans from across the country. There are so many quality craftsmen from across the UK, and I think we sometimes forget that. It is great to bring things back to Britain.”

The editorial content is split into a number of British-centric categories, including the fashionable Threads & Treads, British tech will be celebrated in Visionaries & Innovators, whereas, Time & Trinkets will showcase the masterful skills of home-grown jewellers and watchmakers. Other fields to be explored by Foxley’s team of artisan experts are British Heritage sites, Masters of Engineering and UK based home interiors.




The Foxley Docket – PRINT


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Aside from the company’s online presence, original stories and a choice of the most interesting features is compiled within The Foxley Docket print magazine which is distributed to the top 1% of UK wealth using The Foxley Media Group’s own ICO approved wealth enriched nationwide high net worth database of over 7.6 million British homes – this database is known as GetMyMarket.

By utilising the detailed information of this homeowner subscriber base, which focuses on wealth criteria such as house value, assets owned, net worth and income, The Foxley Docket is delivered directly to the doorsteps of subscribers living in homes worth £2 million and over across the UK.

The Foxley Docket Luxury Magazine covers many luxury brands based in the UK that make a variety of luxury goods including luxury furniture, luxury watches, luxury cars and more.


Subscribers and associates can also enjoy an interactive digital version of each issue of The Foxley Docket, which is broadcast to over 490,000 luxury market affiliates via email notifications and social media platforms.

Commercially, The Foxley Docket is available across the UK in: VIP Airport lounges, 5* hotels, law firms, estate agents, private health clinics, luxury spa retreats, car and motorbike dealerships, interior design specialists, Michelin-starred restaurants, jewellers, golf clubs, Premiership football clubs, Rugby RFU clubs, and Embassy Buildings.


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