About Us

Dear Reader...

We are The Foxley Docket and we LOVE to talk about all things British!

Since we established ourselves in 2012, we have been doing our damnedest to bring you the most interesting insights into British creators and historical sites through our print magazine and our blog.

We are a congregation of British writers consisting of brand experts, historians, retailers, travel enthusiasts and lifestyle critics. We have had the pleasure to work with some of the very best and most interesting British brands and uncover unusual facets of their history, their creation techniques and the people who make their brands so special.

We’ve visited some of the greatest heritage sites in the country and sampled some of the finest homegrown food there is.

We have done all of this to bring you our comprehensive reports on why the British Isles is one of the most wonderful places to live on this Earth.

We enjoy working with beautiful British brands so much that we made our website into a place where people can buy true quality gifts and accessories from solely home-made brands.

Our aim is and has always been to raise awareness of true quality British innovation, of creativity and of wonderful heritage and we love doing what we do.

Best wishes,

The Foxley Docket Team

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