Beauty from Brazil

Written by Daniel James Parry

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Brumani Baobab

For us, intimacy with jewellery runs in the family.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he descendent of Italian and German immigrants, arriving on Brazilian shores in the mid-20th century, the Bruner brothers Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo inherited a jeweller’s legacy spanning over fifty years.


Brumani was established in 2005, blending Italian creativity and German precision with the exuberance of Brazilian liveliness and spontaneity, now achieving recognition and window space in jewellers around the world. Inspired by a contemporary vision of design that surpasses simple jewellery, Brumani aspire to bring luxury female accessories to the everyday world.


brumani baobab, jewelry, earrings, gold

Brumani Baobab


Crafted entirely by hand, Brumani’s range of opulent jewellery combine expertise and cutting edge technology to bring to life collections that portray the essence of the joy of living. Designs incorporate 18 carat gold, elegant diamonds and precious and rare coloured gemstones.


Brumani’s passion for jewellery is fuelled by a love of jewellery, of design and of precious gems, striving to achieve excellence in every detail, with an artistic, unique approach. The Brazilian company often cite that ‘for us, intimacy with the jewels is a family asset.’


Brumani Baobab

Brumani Baobab


Their collections express the multicultural vocation of Brazil, embracing strong identity and personality as their aesthetic concept, which has won customers in diverse markets all over the world, striving to make Brumani a household name in the luxurious jewellery industry.


On the topic of their creations, one third of founding family trio, Eduardo Bruner states that,

‘our goal is to create jewellery that makes the most beautiful and feminine women. Our greatest challenge is to convey a state of mind, a joy of living, something that transcends the jewellery and that connects to a lifestyle through our design and our combinations of coloured gems.’


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Brumani Baobab


In essence, Brumani craft jewellery that remains timeless, whilst radiating a contemporary feel, influenced by aspects of the soul of Brazil, of femininity, by the world of art and by the extravagance of nature. Bruner added that,

‘Jewels celebrate life, mark special moments and make history. We create jewellery to be part of everyday life, part of the story of each woman, so that they are enjoyed.’


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Brumani Baobab


With this influence from the natural world in mind, Brumani began crafting the ‘Baobab’ collection. Both exotic and completely unique in aesthetic, this African tree was brought to Brazil in the midst of the eighteenth century by African slaves. The Baoab tree was also acknowledged worldwide for being the inspiration for French writer Antoine du Saint-Exupery’s novel, ‘The Little Prince’, first published in 1943. Although disguised as a children’s story, Saint-Exupery’s novel could be interpreted as a commentary about life and human nature. Baobab trees are referenced in the way in which the Prince spends his days cleaning volcanoes, removing unwanted seeds and sprigs from the soil, baobab trees in particular, which constantly attempt to grow and overrun the surface. Baobab trees were also the inspiration for the watercolours illustrating the cover of the book.


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Brumani Baobab


No stranger to the stars, Brumani has been spotted lavishly accessorising stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz, Selena Gomez, Viola Davis, Paris Hilton, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence and Queen Latifah.


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